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Q: Find the perimeter of the square and then convert the answer to meters?
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Find the perimeter of the square and then convert your answer to millimeters5cm 5cm?


Find the perimeter of a square if its area is 100m?

40 meters

What is perimeter?

Perimeter is the distance around a object. Example: I have a square. One of the four sides of the square is 4 meters. To find the perimeter of polygon, you add all the lengths together. In this case, you would add 4+4+4+4 (or simply 4x4). The perimeter of this square is 16 meters.

The perimeter of a rectangular yard is 66 meters and its area is 270 square meters Find the dimensions of the yard?

You shoulda done your homework.

How do you convert square feet in to perimeter?

Well, if it is the area of a square, then you just find the square root of the area, but for the others you have to do the inverse of the steps used to find thee area for that specific shape.

Find the perimeter of a square that has 12 m sides?

find the perimeter of a square that has 12 m side

What is the answer of the area of a rectangular field is 84 sq meter and its perimeter is 38 meters Find the dimensions of the field?

The dimensions are 7 by 12 meters Check: perimeter = 2*(7+12) = 38 meters and area = 7*12 = 84 square meters

If you know a perimeter of a square but not the length or width how do you find the area?

Divide the perimeter by 4 and then square the result to find the area of the square.

How long is the side of a square whose perimeter is 148 meters?

A square has four equal sides, so its perimeter is 4*length of one side, so to find the length divide the perimeter by 4. 148/4 is equal to 37.

How do you find a square's perimeter?


Convert 450 square meters into square feet?

450 square meters = 4843.7596875 square feet. you may find the related link site I will place below helpful for this sort of conversion question.

Have an area of square how do you find the perimeter?

Are you serious ? For a square: Perimeter = 4 times sqrt(area)

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