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n > -27

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Q: Find the possible value of n in the inequality -3n 81?
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If 3n (274)(815)335 what is the value for n?

The browser used by for posting questions is rubbish. It rejects most mathematical symbols so all that we can see is 3n (274)(815)335 so there are no operators nor an equalitry or inequality symbol. There is, therefore, no equation or inequality and so nothing which can be used to find a value for n.

Is 3n-6 an example of an inequality?


What is 3n-11 equals 19?

3n-11 = 19 3n = 19+11 3n = 30 Divide both sides of the equation by 3 to find the value of n: n = 10

The inequality is greater than 24?

-3(n-5)=24 -3n + 15 = 24 -3n= 24-15 -3n = 9 n=9/-3 n=-3

Find N 3 plus 8 prime number?

3n+8=a To find the value of n, you need to know the value of a.

3n add 20 equals 170 what is the value of n?

3n+20=170 subtract 20 3n=150 divide by 3 n=50

What is 3n equals 18?

How do you find the answer to this equation: 3n equals 18

What does n equal in 14 plus 3n equals 8?

3n + 14 = 83n = 8 - 14 = -63n/3 = -6/3n = -2The value of n is -2.

If A -3n plus 2 and B 5n - 7 what is the value of A - B in simplest form?

A - B = -3n + 2 - (5n - 7) = -3n + 2 - 5n + 7 = 9 - 8n

What is the value of n in negitave 2parenthesi 4 plus 3n Parenthesi equals 24?

The answer to -2(4+3n)=24 is:-5.33

How do you get this 3n plus 2 plus (3n plus 3 - 3n plus 1)?

3n + 2 + (3n + 3 - 3n + 1) = 3n + 2 + (3n + 3 - 3n + 1) = 3n + 2 + (4) = 3n + 6

What does 3n plus 1 equal?

There is not sufficient information to answer this question.There must either be a value for n if you are solving what "3n+1" equalsOR"3n+1" must equal something if you are solving for n.

What is the Greatest Common Factor of 3n2 and 3n?

Is it a. 3n square and 3n ans. 3n b. 3n *2 and 3n ans.3n ans. 3n for both!!

What is the value of n if one angle in a pair of vertical angles measures 30 degrees and the other measures 3n-6?

Vertical angles are always equivalent. Therefore, we know that if the first vertical angle measures 30 degrees, the other must measure 30 degrees as well. So, since the second vertical angle has a value of 3n-6, we can set this equal to 30 degrees yielding the equation 3n - 6 = 30. From here, we just need to do some simple algebra: 3n - 6 = 30 3n = 36 n = 12 To find the value of n.

What is the value of 3n-4 equals 10?

n = 14/3

Is 3n the gcf of 3n 7 and 9n?

No. 3n is not a factor of 3n + 7.

What is the value of n in the equation 3n-6 equals 15?


How do you find the 30th term if nth term is 3n-1?

Just plug in 30 for n in 3n-1. The answer is 89.

Is 3n the gcf of 3n plus 7 and 9n?

No. 3n is not a factor of 3n + 7.

Which expression has a value of 15 when n7?

There are infinitely many possible answers. One possibility is the cubic x^3 - 12x^2 + 44*x - 48.

What is the nth term of 7 10 13 16?

The nth term of this sequence is 3n + 4

What is the GCF of 3N2 and 3N expressions?

The GCF is 3n.

What is the GCF of 15n4-3n?

It is not possible to give a sensible answer to this question. The greatest common factor (GCF) refers to a factor that is COMMON to two or more numbers. You have only one term in the question!

What does 3n plus 7equal16 means?

To find the value of n, 16 - 7 = 9 9 / 3 = 3 (so the value of n is 3) Therefore: 3 + 3 + 3 + 7 = 16

The gcf of the expressions 3n plus 7 and 9n is 3n?

No. 3n isn't a factor of 3n + 7. The GCF of 3n + 7 and 9n is 1.