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x = -½

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Q: Find the solutions for 4x squared plus 4x plus 1 equals 0?
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How do you find 9x squared plus four x plus 2 equals zero?

It has no solutions because the discriminant is less than zero.

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of x squared plus y squared equals 20 and 2y minus x equals 0?

The solutions are: x = 4, y = 2 and x = -4, y = -2

A squared plus b squared equals 26 where a equals b find a and b?


Is 4y squared plus 9 equals - 4 a linear equation?

No. It's a quadratic equation, and it has two solutions.

What are the solutions to the simultaneous equations of 2x plus y equals 5 and x squared -y squared equals 3?

If: 2x+y = 5 and x2-y2 = 3 Then the solutions work out as: (2, 1) and ( 14/3, -13/3)

1 squared plus 1 squared plus 2 squared plus 3 squared plus 5 squared plus 8 squared equals?


What are the solutions to -x squared plus 2x plus 4 and x-2?

These are two expressions, not equations. Expressions do not have solutions, only equations do. NB equations include the equals sign.

What is x squared plus 5x minus 36 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation and its solutions are: x = 4 or x = -9

Solutions for 4x squared plus 4x plus 1 equals 0?

(2x + 1)(2x + 1) or (2x + 1)2 so x = -0.5

X squared plus y squared plus z if x equals 7 y equals 6 and z equals 4?


What are the solutions for negative x squared plus 2.5x plus 1 equals 0?

-x2+2.5x+1=0 x=-0.350781 x=2.85078

Find the solutions of xยฒ plus yยฒ plus zยฒ equals xyz?

1, that works, right?

Who created A squared plus B squared equals C squared?


What is the formula a squared plus b squared equals c squared is used to find?

It is the pythagorean theorem. Used in finding the lengths of sides of right angled triangles.

How many different real solutions are there for 2x2-3x plus 5 equals 0?

There are no real solutions. The discriminant (b squared -4ac) is less than 0, so there are 2 imaginary solutions and 0 real ones.

If A squared plus B squared equals C squared and C equals 8 and A and B are the same length what are A and B?


8 squared plus b squared equals 18 squared?

b= 10

What is 4100 squared plus b squared equals 14900 squared?

b = 14324.80366

X squared plus 9 squared equals 12 squared?

X = √63

A squared plus 2a squared equals c squared?

A squared plus B squared equals C squared. It is the Pythagorean theorem.To do this you would find the two short sides of a right triangle. Then for one short side find the length and multiply it by itself and for the other short side do the same thing. After that add those two up and and find the square root of it. That number you have there is C aka hypotenuse aka the long side. :)

What is a x squared plus b x plus c equals 0 in C programming?

ax2+bx+c = 0 is the general form of a quadratic equation which normally has two solutions

What is 3x squared plus 6x-3 equals 8 in the form of Ax squared plus Bx plus C equals 0?

It is: 3x2+6x-11 = 0

What are the solutions to x squared minus twelve x plus sixteen equals zero?

Quadratic formula gives roots as 1.53 and 10.47 (to nearest hundredth.)

A triangle is inscribed in the circle x squared plus y squared equals 25 Find the dimensions of the triangle which will have the maximum area?

There is a ninja behind you

IF 2 plus 3 equals 10. 7 plus 2 equals 63. 6 plus 5 equals 66. 8 plus 4 equals 96 therefore 9 plus 7 equals?

2 squared plus 2 x 3 = 10, 7 squared plus 7 x 2 = 63, 6 squared plus 6 x 5 = 66,8 squared plus 8 x 4 = 96 so 9 squared plus 9 x 7 = 81 + 63 = 144.