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Q: Find the value of Z in the following equation 8Z equals 64?
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Find the value of n in the equation 6.2n - 3.7n equals 85 plus 45?

n equals 52

Find the value of x in the equation x-40 equals 60?


Find the slope of the line determined by the following equation 6x-y equals 42?


How do you find the value of x when there is no equal sign in the equation?

You cannot explicitly find the value of x without an equal sign, as an equation without an equals sign is an algebraic expression. However, we can turn your expression into an equation by adding in an equals sign, but setting the value to a variable. For example, 2x+5=y, or 5x2-4x=y. You can solve for x like that. The phrase "... there is no equal sign in the equation ..." is a meaningless description. Without an 'equal' sign, there is no equation.

Find the value of x in the equation 6x plus 4 70-x equals 300?


What is the value of x in the equation xsquare equals 49?

x2 = 49 Square root both sides to find the value of x:- x = 7

Find the value of x in the equation x plus 5 equals x plus 45?

There is no numerical value for 'x' that can make this a true statement.

When you find the value of a variable you solve or check an equation?

when you find the value, you SOLVED the equation. you CHECK the equation when you substitute the value in the variables place and check that the equation is true.

Find the value of the discriminant of each equation given X2 - 5x plus 4 equals 0?

The discriminant is 9.

Which best describes how to solve the equation 64x equals 37?

Divide both sides by 64 to find the value of x

What does x and y equal and the equation for x for 2x plus 5 equals 62 and 3x - y equals 23.3?

2x+5 = 62 and 3x-y = 23.3 x = 28.5 and y = 62.2 Solve the first equation and then substitute the value of x into the second equation to find the value of y.

What is the number that you would multiply one or both of the equations -4 equals 5y equals 6 -6x-y equals 8?

There is no need. The first equation can be rearranged to a simple equation in just y. Multiply it by 0.2 to solve for y. Substitute the value of y in the second equation and rearrange to get a simple equation in x. Multiply by (1/6) to find x.