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formula to find volume of an eccentric reducer

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Q: Finding the volume of eccentric reducer?
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What is the function of a eccentric reducer?

the main function of eccentric reducer is to prevent the air pocket to enter to the pump by its shape

Why concentric reducer is used in pump discharge?

The pump discharge reducer doesn't matter if it's concentric or eccentric. It's the pump SUCTION that needs to be an eccentric reducer that is always flat on top (F.O.T.) The eccentric reducer on the pump suction reduces pump cavatation (pump catching air).

What is usage of concentric and eccentric pipe reducer?

An eccentric reducer is mostly used to force air in a direction, normally towards a pump or airvalve so that it does not get trapped inside the pipework.

Flat side should be top or bottom for eccentric reducer in vacuum line?

Doesn't matter

What is the function of an eccentric pipe reducer in the suction side of a pump?

if we use concentric reducer at suction of pipe ,due to high turbulence flow of fluid ,some vapour pressure generate which generate bad effects on impeller of pump ,which decrease pump efficiency , so to avoid this problem the eccentric reducer's use in pump suction

What is the difference between concentric and eccentric reducer?

Concentric reducers are a symmetrical, conical shaped device that enlarges or reduces a pipes diameter equally about the centerline. An Eccentric reducer is not Symmetrical about the centerline. For example, envision the flow through a gravity based pipe... picture it in terms of an elevation section view... the eccentric reducer maintains the flowline (a straight continuous line along the bottom) while the pipe size decreases from the top down.

What are the merits and demerits of replacing an eccentric pipe reducer with a concentric one?

Very depend on the application, concentric pipe had lower pressure drop and better flow distribution. However, in many case, eccentric pipe reducer is installed on propose to allow liquid drainage from reducing in horizontal pipe.

What is the formula for calculating volume of eccentric footing?

Volume = Height*Width*Length

Why eccentric reducers recommended for horizontal lines?

It is so that the inside bottom of the line can drain completely if required and no fluid or condensate will remain trapped. In other words the eccentric reducer keeps the bottom of the line straight.

Why flat side up reducer is used at pump suction?

To compensate high suction volume during startup of he pump. the reducer area below the pipeline at the suction stores excess volume of fluid.

What are everyday uses for pi?

Some of many examples are:- Finding the circumference of a circle Finding the area of a circle Finding the surface area of a sphere Finding the volume of a sphere Finding the surface area of a cylinder Finding the volume of a cylinder Finding the volume of a cone Finding the surface area of a cone

How is finding the volume of a pyramid like finding the volume of a cone?

Because the formula is the same: volume = 1/3base areaheight

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