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Q: First numbers to be drawn in national loterry?
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What will be likely Saturday national wining numbers to be drawn?

Security National Number 387

What is the 3 most common numbers drawn together in the irelands national lotto?

There are three number triplets that are most often drawn together in Ireland's National Lotto. The three triplets are 2-18-30, 9-13-22 and 18-24-34.

What are the most frequently drawn lotto numbers in SA?

what are the most frequently drawn lotto numbers for oz lotto

What are the most frequent lottery numbers drawn in new zealand?

What are the most frequently drawn numbers in new zealand lotto

What year and month did UK national lottery begin?

19th November 1994. and also, the first numbers that were drawn were 3, 4, 14, 22, 30, 44 & with the bonus ball showing a 10.

What are most numbers that get picked by the Washington state lottery?

Washington's Lotto chooses 6 numbers from 1 to 49. The numbers drawn are completely random. There are no numbers that are any more or less likely to be drawn.

What the 6 most frequently drawn numbers 1 through 55?

Between 1996 and 2014 the most common numbers between 1 and 55 drawn in lotteries were 4, 48, 10, 39, 2, and 5. However, the frequency of these numbers being drawn are not significantly more likely to be drawn than any others.

What are the most frequent lottery numbers drawn in Australia?


What are the most drawn numbers in lotto history?


Hottest numbers for UK lotto?

Most frequently drawn lotto numbers in UK

How many possible combinations are there of 9 numbers from 20 drawn numbers?

There are 167960 combinations.

The wild beauty of Yellowstone National Park has (drew, drawn, drewn) millions of tourists each year?