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(5 + 8)/2

13/2 = 6.5

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Q: Five plus eight divided by two equals?
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How does five plus eight equals 1?

Five plus eight does not equal one. It equals thirteen.

When adding fractions with the same denominator why do you only add numerators?

Three books plus five books equals eight books. Three bananas plus five bananas equals eight bananas. Three houses plus five houses equals eight houses. Three tenths plus five tenths equals eight tenths.

What is X divided by 2 plus five equals nine?

X = 8

How do you write 5 plus 0.08 plus 0.004 in word form?

five plus eight hundredths plus four thousandths equals five and eighty four thousandths

What is three over eight plus one over four equals?

Five over eight. 5/8

Eight plus eight equals?

Eight plus eight equal 16

What is the answer to -3 plus -5 equals?


What is the answer to six times a number plus eight equals five times the same number minus five?

The number is -13.

What is the discriminant of this equation eight x square plus five x plus six equals zero?

The discriminant is -167.

Five plus five is equal to?

Five plus five equals ten.

If a plus b plus c not equal to 0 then a divided by b plus c equals b divided by c plus a equals c divided by a plus b prove that a equals b equals c?

Because there is no way to define the divisors, the equations cannot be evaluated.

Is three plus two five eight?

No, but three plus five is.

What does seven plus five equal?

Seven plus five equals 12.

What is 7 divided by 12 plus 2 divided by 15 equals?

It equals 0.172 with the two repeating.

Negative 17 plus what divided by 8 equals 13?

Negative 17 plus 121 divided by 8 equals 13.

What is five over six plus four over eight equals?

5/6 + 4/8 = 11/3

How do you solve 32 divided by 4 plus 4 multiplied by 8?

32 divided by 4 equals 8 plus 4 equals 12 multipled by 8 equals 96 answer

What is negative 8 plus 8 equal?

negative eight plus eight equals zero

6 divided by 3 plus 28 plus 28 equals too?


If z equals yf x2 - y2 show that ydz divided by dx plus xdz divided by dy equals xz divided by y?


2 subtract x divided by 24 equals 5x divided by 24 plus 1?

x equals subtract 11 divided by 3

Wage of 8 dollars raise of 10 percent?

8 / 10 = 0.80 eight divided by 10 percent equals zero point eight zero 8 + 0.80 = 8.80 eight plus zero point eight zero equals eight point eight zero $8.80 eight dollars and eighty cents

32 plus 45 plus 39 divided by 3 equals?


What is 2 plus 3 equals 5 in word form?

two plus three equals five

What is the answer to V plus 3 equals 8?

v equals five