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one and two sixth's

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Q: Five sixth plus one half fractions?
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What is five-sixth plus one-half?


What is 1sixth plus 1 sixth plus 1 sixth plus 1 half?

To do this, you want to make all fractions have the same denominator. 1/2 = 3/6 so the answer to the question is thus 1.

What is one half plus five sixth?

1/2 + 5/6 is 1 1/3

What is four and two thirds plus five and one sixth?

Nine and five sixth

What is one half plus two sixth?

one half = 1/2 = 3/6 two sixth = 2/6 (3+2)/6 = 5/6 Answer is five sixths.

What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

What is one sixth plus two thirds?

it equals five sixth.

What is one-third plus one-sixth?


What is 1 third plus 1 half?

to get this answer you need to turn them both into sixths and add them 1 thied is 2 sixths and 1 half is 3 sixths add them and you get5 sixths,which leaves 1 sixth to be the answer.The answer is 1 sixth.

What does four sixth plus five sixth equal?

1 3/6

What is one half plus five?

Five and a half or 5.5

What is the answer to five eighths plus one sixth?

, the answer is 9.6

How much is half plus half?

Well if you can use half,quaters,and more fractions The awnser to half + half is 1

What is five and a half plus five eights?

5 1/2 + 5/8 Change fractions to 8ths.5 4/8 + 5/8 = 6 1/8

One sixth plus one half?


What is one sixth plus one third plus one half equal?


What is one sixth plus five eightteens?


What is five sixth plus 6?

6 and 5/6

What is one sixth plus five twelvths?


What is one sixth plus four sixths?

One sixth plus four sixths equals five sixths, or 5/6.

What is two thirds plus one half?

First convert the values into common denominated fractions, giving you four sixths and three sixths. The total is seven sixths, which is one and one sixth.

What is five fourth plus one half?

Make both fractions fourths - 5/4 + 2/4 = 7/4 = 1 and 3/4.

What is 2 in a half plus 2 in a half?


What does one half plus one sixth plus three fourth equals?

17/12 Is the answer.

1 half plus plus 1 sixth?

1/2 plus 1/6 = 2/3