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Five to the fifth power over five to the forth power equals five (5).

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Q: Five to the fifth power over five to the forth power?
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What is the prime factorization of twenty five using exponents?

five to the fifth power five to the fifth power

What is the fifth power of five called?

five to the fifth

How do you write 5 to the power of 5 in words?

Five to the fifth power, or five times five times five times five times five.

When is the power of the five book five coming out?

The fifth Power of Five book will be released on the 4th October 2012 and will be called Oblivion

What does five to the fifth power equals?


What is the exponent in two to the fifth power?

The exponent is five.

What does 5 to the fourth power equal?

five to the forth power equals 625

Five to the negative fifth power?

5-5 is 0.00032

What five letter word begins in f and ends in h?

flash fresh flush fifth forth

What is the base to six to the fifth power?

The base is six. Five is the exponent. (65)

When was the fifth book from The Power of five series published?

It was released in Autumn 2012.

How would you write five and a fifth?

five and one fifth = 5 1/5

When will the fifth book in Anthony Horowitz's Power of Five series be published?

Autumn 2012 (October)

Is five a ordinal or a cardinal number?

'Five' is cardinal, 'fifth' is ordinal.

How do you get four to the fifth power?

It is four multiplied by itself five times. 4x4x4x4x4 = 1024

5 is equal to how many quarts?

The numnber 5 is not equivalent to any number of quarts. You have to say five of what. Five ounces, five cups, five pints, five liters, five gallons, and so forth.

How do you figure out 5 to the fifth power?

5 to the fifth power simply means five multiplied by itself 5 times (5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5).

How old do you have to be if you are president?

forth five

What is five sixths minus one fifth?

it equals five over one

Which is smaller a half or a fifth?

A fifth is considerably smaller than a half. A half is also equal to five tenths, which compares to a fifth which is two tenths. Five is larger than two.

What is one fifth of five?


What is 5.2 as a fraction?

Five and a fifth

What is a fifth of twenty five?


What is the ordinal number of five?


Is a fifth a cardnal or a ordinal number?

'Fifth' is the ordinal form of 'five'