Flatter lines have a

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Slope or gradient that, in absolute terms, is small.

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Q: Flatter lines have a
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Steeper lines have a what slope than that of flatter lines?

Flatter lines have a _____ slope than that of steeper lines

Contour lines on a topographic map indicate?

Usually the altitude above sea level. Close lines indicate a steep slope while spread out lines show flatter terrain.

What kind of slope give you lines that are close together and what kind gives lines that are far apart?

If the "contour interval" ... the elevation difference between lines ... is the same everywhere on the map, then the lines will be closer rogether on steep ground, and farther apart on flatter ground.

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Contour lines on a map indicate?

Contour lines on a map indicate elevation. They connect points of equal elevation, showing the shape and steepness of the terrain. Closer contour lines indicate steep slopes, while spaced-out lines represent flatter areas.

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