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For a negative slope, the rise is negative and the run is positive.

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Q: For a negative slope the rise is and the run is positive?
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For a negative slope what is the rise if the run is positive?


What does slope describe?

the change of rise over run. a positive slope goes up and a negative slope goes down

Do horizontal lines always have a slope of zero?

Yes. There is no positive or negative rise to generate a slope, and it cannot have a run of zero length.

What does it mean to the rise over run when the slope is an integer?

The slope can be remembered as "rise over run". When the slope is an integer, it means that the rise over run is positive.

What are the rise and run of a slope?

The rise is the difference in y coordinates for a line and the run is the difference in x coordinates. For a negative slope, the rise is negative and the run is positive.The slope is the "rise over the run", dividing the y difference by the x difference. The formula is :.Y2- Y1. _____.X2 -X1

In sixth grade math how do you determine the slope of the line is positive negative zero or undefined?

It all depends on the slope, really. Because remember that the formula for calculating slope is rise over run.

If the rise and the run are both positive numbers what would the slope of a line be?

Whether both are positive or not, you divide rise / run.

If you are plotting points and the points are negative 6 negative 6 and 3 6 what would be the rise and the run of the slope?

rise = y2 - y1 run = x2 - x1 thus, rise = 6 - (-6) = 12 and run = 3 - (-6) = 9 slope = rise/run therefore, slope = 12/9 = 4/3

In eighth grade math how do you determine the scope of line as positive negative zero or undefined?

Assuming you mean the slope of a line, not the scope, the slope of a line is determined by its rise over its run. Take 2 points on the line (x1,y1), (x2,y2) and find the slope by plugging it into this equation: (x1-x2)/(y1-y2). If the answer is positive, the slope is positive, if the answer is negative, the slope is negative, if the answer is zero, the slope is zero, and if the answer is undefined (i.e. dividing by zero), your slope is undeifined.

How would yu describe the rise and the run for a slope of -2?

Negative or downwards

The slope of a line is the ratio of what?

Rise/run or y-value change (can be negative) / x-value change (can be negative)

How do you identify a negative and positive slope for the x and y axis?

You can use the formula x2 - y2 over x1 - y1 or you can use the formula: Rise over Run. If you use rise over run formula, you HAVE to make sure that you form a right triangle.