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1L = 59km
37 x 1L = 59km x 37
37L = 2183km

You can travel 2183km on 37L of gas.

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How many kilometers are in a liter?

An old car uses 0.1 liters of gasoline per kilometer, or 10 kilometers for every liter of gas. A new car will run more kilometers for a liter.

How many liters every 100 kilometers is 25 mpg?

25 miles per gallon = 9.41 liters/100km

Why is gasoline measured in gallons and not liters?

since the largest consumer of gasoline is america, people got used to selling it in gallons instead of liters and it just stuck petrol is measured in litres in every country except the U.S.A.

What is the mass in kilograms of 14 liters of gasoline assumi ng the density of gasoline is 0.680 grams cm3?

9.52kilograms. for every 0.68 grams you have, you have a ml. i.e. for every 0.68kg you have a litre. 0.68 x 14.

In a perfect vacuum, light waves travel at 300,000 kilometers every second. When light waves travel through materials, such as air, they?

slow down.

What does liters per 100 kilometers mean?

It is a measure of fuel economy. It is the amount of fuel a vehicle consumes in litres for every 100 kilometers the vehicle travels.

How far does a car travel at 40 kilometers per hour?

It travels 40 kilometers or 24.9 miles every hour at that speed.

Which SI Unit best describes the volume of gasoline in a car?

The SI unit used most commonly for gasoline is the liter. The price, at a glance, may seem cheap to your average American, but there are 3.78 liters for every gallon.

What speed does blood travel at?

there is no average speed as 5 liters of blood are pumped at every sec the closest is 1m per second

What is the formula to conevrt nano liters to liters?

* For every liter, there are exactly 1000000000 nanoliters. * For every nanoliter, there are 1.0X10-9 liters

How fast can a toad travel?

37 miles (60 kilometers) 1 Hop per Every 2 seconds.

If a car travels an average of 28.6 miles for every gallon of gasoline how far can it travel on 15 gallons?

28.6 x 15 = 429 miles.

What gasoline is a energy source?

every gasoline is... but they are maid up of fossil fules

What material can one use to reduce fuel consumption in a rotary kiln other than fluorspar?

Acetone 100ml for every 40 liters of gasoline not more nor less this is the ratio.

How many liters of blood does a heart pump every beat?

the heart pumps 0.25 liters of blood in every beat on an average.

How much does 1.75 liters of water weigh in pounds?

There is 3.858 pounds for every 1.75 liters of water. There is 0.462 gallons of water in every 1.75 liters of water.

How many liters of fossil fuels do we burn every day?

5 liters a day

Do architects travel?

yes they travel every second of every day

How many km does the earth travel per hour?

The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 kilometers). Since the earth rotates around its axis every 24 hours: 40,075.16 kilometers [divided by] 24 hours = 1669.7983 kilometers per hour <---(answer)

What is the reactivity of gasoline?

According to the Gasoline Company Shell, "Every drop counts" so that would only mean that the reactivity of Gasoline towards every customer of the Shell gasoline station, would probably sensitive or even aggressive, because if the customer would find out that the gasoline station did not live according to their motto, the customer would probably be.. well. UPSET

How many liters of blood does an adult pump in a minute?

5 liters are pumped every minute

How many liters of fuel per second does an Airbus A380 burn?

The airline says the plane burns just 3.1 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers (a little more than three quarts of fuel per passenger every 60 miles).

How many liters of oil are in 93 cubic meters of gas?

Every cubic meter has 1000 liters.

Gallons vs liters?

A litre - every time!

How many liters of diesel to be used if traveling 50kilometers by car?

First of all, it depends on the fuel efficiency of the car, but on average, it uses 1 liter every 14 kilometers. So 14 goes into fifty 3 times with a remainder of eight. About 4 liters, you can go fifty miles.