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Without an equality sign the given terms can't be classed as an equation and so therefore finding the value of x is not possible.

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Q: For which value of x is the equation 2(1 plus x) x plus 3 true?
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What is the value of the discriminant for the equation 21 plus 33 plus 4?

There is no variable, and the equation is not valid.

What is the value of the discriminant for the equation -21 plus 33 plus 4?


Is 21 a solution for x plus 3 equals 24 True or False?

21 is the only solution of that equation.

What is the value of n in this equation 2n plus 1 equals 21?


What Is 7a plus 3 equals 21?

It's a simple linear equation in 'a'.If you want to know the value of 'a' that makes the equation true,you can find it as follows:7a + 3 = 21Subtract 3 from each side:7a = 18Divide each side by 7:a = 18/7

What is 3 times a number plus 5 is 21 as a mathematical equation. Use n as the variable.?

If you mean 3n+5 = 21 then the value of n is 16/3

What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable a plus 39 equals -60?


Write an equation for n plus 13 equals 21?

n + 13 = 21. n = 21 - 13

Can you solve 21 plus 6x plus 1?

It can be simplified to: 22+6x or 6x+22But that's only a different, neater way to write it. It's not a 'solution', because"21 + 6x + 1" is not an equation or a question. It's just an expression that standsfor a number. The value of the number depends on the value of 'x'.

What is 25x plus 3x plus 2l equals 32 plus 5l plus 9?

25x+3x+21 = 32+51+9 Collect all like terms together and notice the change from +21 to -21, this is done in order to keep the equation in balance. 25x+3X = 32+51+9-21 28x = 71 Divide both sides of the equation by 28 to find the value of x: x = 71/28 or 2 and 15/28 x = 2.535714286 as a decimal

What is the solution of -2x plus 5 plus 21?

It has no solution. Equations have solutions, but expressions have not. Had you asked, 'What is the solution to -2x + 5 + 21 = 0 ?', then I would reply, '26 = 2x; therefore, x = 13', is your solution. You can check this, to see whether it is true. The equation is clearly true, if we substitute 13 for x: -2(13) + 5 + 21 = -26 + 5 + 21 = 0. The moral is that equations are statements and may be true or false. Mere expressions are not statements, and they are therefore neither true or false.

What is the answer to the equation 2x plus 3 equals 9 x equals?