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the hindsight bias

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Q: Formulating testable hypotheses before conducting research is most directly useful for restraining a thinking error known as?
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What is the difference between operational and historical science?

There is no such distinction in the natural sciences.All natural science operates by formulating testable hypotheses and then testing those hypotheses against observation. It does not matter whether the hypothesis concerns something that is too far away, too far past, too little or too large to observe directly: the methodology remains exactly the same in all cases.

Which portion of the cerebral cortex is most directly involved in making plans and formulating moral judgments?

frontal lobes

Can you legally stop someone from contacting you if they have not threatened you directly?

Yes, you can get a restraining order on them, but with their agreement, I think.

What is a sub hypothesis?

relevant to a hypothesis, either positively or negatively. 2.2 Hypotheses and Sub-hypotheses Hypotheses are questions or conjectures of interest to an observer. Hypotheses may involve alternative possible explanations, possible answers, or alternative estimates. Hypotheses may have substructure. It is sometimes possible to partition a high-level hypothesis into a set of sub-hypotheses. The substructure decomposition is always a hierarchical tree. The hierarchy may be several levels deep before bottoming out in questions that can be directly assessed and answered by evidence.

In a experimentwhat is NOT directly controlled by the Pearson conducting the experiment could it be the dependent variableindependent variablehypothesiscontrol variable?

The independent variable.

When is the C language exam conducted?

That would depend on which institution is conducting the exam. You'd be best advised to contact the institution directly.

Can a person with a protective order contact the violater?

Not directly, no. Protective orders and restraining orders work both ways... if you need to contact them, you do so through an attorney.

Can you contact people living with someone you have a restraining order on?

No. A restraining order works BOTH ways. The restrained party cannot contact you, either directly or through someone else. And the same restriction applies to the person who sought the order. Obviously this provision is in place to prevent harassment.

When does a priest wear his stole?

A priest wears his stole when conducting or directly participating in any ceremony or liturgical function (such as a sacrament) that requires him to exercise his priestly office.

If someone in your family has a restraining order on them can other family members still talk to their family?

A restraining order applies ONLY to those people specifically named in it.UNLESS - the barred individual is using family members to pass messages, information or threats directly to the other party. No CONTACT means no contact WHATSOEVER!

Who invented kelidoscope?

Taken directly from the Wikipedia entry - The Kalidoscope was invented " 1814 by Sir Eoin Cussen when he was conducting experiments..." - See related link for the full article.

How do you make an object move by electricity?

If it is made of conducting material it can be moved directly by a magnetic field which is made to rotate or move linearly. Another way is to use an electric motor

Does a led light have a filament?

Not as such. They are a small solid state component that produces light directly based on the interface between two carefully selected materials. There is to electrically conducting filament.

What would it be called when an ex keeps me from seeing my 16 yr old son we have 50 50 custody but he has a restraining order against me to keep me away which is causing mental issues for my son?

If the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife has a custody order that you have agreed on legally, but has a restraining order against YOU, that does NOT apply to the child, and you have rights that are being trampled on. Assuming you have a lawyer, then a mediator should be used, perhaps a neutral relative, to meet you so you don't violate the restraining order. This issue of the custody should have been addressed when the restraining order was issued! Call the lawyer and ask advice on what to do, or call the court directly and inquire . If the restraining order INCLUDES your 16 year old child, then you must fight the restraining order, which IS your right to do. There should be a date when the restraining order will expire and therefore, a court date to extend it if the person who got it wants to extend it. That is your chance to show up and give cause as to why it SHOULD NOT be extended and also bring up the issue of shared custody.

How can internet be used to help nike in conducting marketing research and in marketing its products?

Monitor chatter on social networks to find out what people are saying about your brand that they wouldn't say directly to your face.

How conductivity effects power?

Conductivty is an electrical property of conducting materials. Silver has the higest conductivity, then copper then aluminimum. Conductivity does not really change with electrical wiring so the power will not be directly affected.

Where online can one find information on workforce management solutions?

There are many companies whom specifically offer workforce management solutions such as Aerotek, Parallon. These companies can be found by conducting a search or contacting the companies directly.

What are the ways of generating electricity?

Electricity can be generated by Chemical means (as in a battery) Mechanically by stressing a crystal (piezoelectricity) By rubbing dry objects together (static electricity and lightening) By using the energy of light directly (photovoltaic - solar cells) By moving a magnetic field though a coil of conducting wire (or a coil of conducting wire though a magnetic field) (a dynamo)

How do you get a restraining order lifted that has been issued against your boyfriend by his parole officer?

You may petition the issuing judge to lift the order, citing legitimate reasons for doing so, but the likelihood that such will be rescinded is about zero. The parolee's fate lies directly in the hands of the PO. It is better to cooperate; in the vernacualr of the penetentiary, "Lay down." I have never heard of Parole officers issuing restraining orders. That is done through A Court by a judge.

Can a fifteen year old put a restraining order on an adult?

Yes. If you are underage and need protection you can call up child protective services in your area there are many protections the authorities can give you. Don't ask us, but go directly to the police if you are truly in danger.

Please state Ohm's law?

The electric current flowing through a conducting material is directly proportional to the potential difference between its two ends,provided the temperature remains constant.When temperature remains constant, the current flowing through an electric conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference across its ends.(V=IR)

Does a judge consider written testimony in a restraining order hearing?

Written testimony is generally not considered in a restraining order hearing unless the testimony was given under oath at a formal court proceeding, and then it is considered only if the party giving the written testimony is unavailable to testify directly. Unavailability exists if the party giving the prior sworn testimony has died, moved outside of the state, or has otherwise somehow lost the capacity to testify in person. Unavailability usually does not exist if "you can't miss work" to testify or "you're on vacation for 3 months," but in the context of a restraining order hearing some forbearance may be authorized under state law.

State and explain ohms law on what factors resistance of a conductor depends?

Ohm's Law has nothing whatsoever to do with the factors that determine the resistance of a conductor.The resistance of a conductor is directly-proportional to the resistivity of the conducting material and to its length, and inversely-proportional to its cross-sectional area.

Where can one find information on PCI Security Standards?

PCI Data Security Standards are important when someone is conducting business online. To find more information on security standards you can look to the McAfee website or go directly to the PCI Security Standards Council website.

How do you spell directly?