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Q: Four digit number greater than 9000 hundreds digit is twice the tens digit ones digit is greater than the tens digit the sum of the digits is twenty?
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Is three tenths greater than twenty five one hundreds?

Yes it is.

Which number is twenty-one times greater than four?

The number that is twenty-one times greater than four is eighty-four.

What is twenty and seventy-one hundreds?

The number is 20.71

What is a odd prime number which digits add up to 8 and is less than twenty but has 2 digits?


Write the number twenty millions with digits instead of words?


The total number of digits a human has?

Humans normally have ten fingers and ten toes, a total of twenty digits.

How do write twenty four hundreds dollar in number form?


How do you write five and twenty-six hundreds as a decimal number?


What is twenty five to one?

a ratio meaning the first number is twenty five times greater then the second

What is the twenty digit number for pi?

Go to the Related Links below this window for the first million digits

What is the least 4 digit even number with no repeated digits?

1,024 ! (One thousand twenty four)

How do you write the number twenty million in digits instead of words?

20,000,000 There are 6 zeroes in a million.

How do you write twenty-one hundred in number form?

Do you mean as digits? If so it'd be 2,100

How do you write the number 302525 in words instead of digits?

three hundred two thousand five hundred twenty five

What is the number between one hundred and ten and one hundred and twenty whose digits add up to six?


What is the ordinal number for 26 and the ordinal word form of that number?

The ordinal number for 26 is 26th in digits. Spelled out, it's twenty-sixth.

What is a three digit number whose sum of the numbers is greater than twenty four?


Is fourteen twenty-fourths greater or less than twenty-five hundredths?


Is 23.05 greater than 2.305?

Yes, 23.05 is greater than 2.30523.05 is twenty-three and five hundreds.2.305 is only two and three hundred and five thousandths.

How do you write Nine hundreds twenty thousands and two ones?

I'm not quite sure I know which way you wish to write this number down--whether in numeric order or the English word order. I'll try to do this both ways. Numerically: 20,902 or for money: $20,902.00 You must think in triplets when writing numerically. The thousands are to the left of the first comma, and the hundreds are the first digit after the comma, the tens after the hundreds, and the ones are the last digits. (I said that backwards; you should start with the ones, then to the left of the ones are the tens, then to the left of the tens are the hundreds, followed by a comma if there are thousands and higher.) The numeric form is written out as follows: twenty thousand, nine hundred two. I was taught not to put the word "and" after the word "hundred". That is especially important if you are dealing with dollars and cents. If this number was monetary, it would be written: twenty thousand, nine hundred two dollars and no cents. I hope this is helpful......or was this a trick question?

What is three twenty fiths as a mixed number?

It can't be one. Mixed numbers are greater than one.

What is 0.00025 in words?

Twenty-five hundred-thousandths.

What is a two digit number and a square number that is greater than twenty nine but less than forty two?

something I don't know

What does place value of 3 in 410327?

The number is ... thousand, three hundred and twenty seven. So the place value of 3 is hundreds.

How many hundreds in twenty five thousand?

Just take off 2 zeros and you will find there are 250 zeroes in the number 25,000.