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If 14x = -42, then x = -42 / 14.

-42 / 14 = -3

Therefore, x = -3.

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Q: Fourteen times a number is -42?
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What is three times fourteen?

The answer is 42.

Six less than fourteen times a number?

six less than fourteen times a number

How many times do 3 go into 43?

Three times 14 equals 42, so three goes into 43 fourteen times. 43 divided by 3 is 14.3...

What is the quotient of six times a number and seven?


What is 3x equals 42?

Fourteen times three equals forty-two.

What number goes into 125 three times?

Every number below 42 will go into 125 three times.

What number can you use to times a number to equal 42?

There are many possible answers. 1 times 42 is a convenient pair of numbers.

Three times a number decreased by fourteen is four?


Fourteen less than four times a number is six what is the number?


Is fourteen an adverb?

Not by itself. Fourteen (14) is a number (noun) or a numeral (determiner or adjective used with nouns). In the construction "he jumped fourteen times" the term "fourteen times" becomes an adverbial, in the same sense as the adverbs twice or thrice.

What number times itself equals 42?

6.48074069840786 x 6.48074069840786 = 42

What number times 42 will get you close to 140?

four times 42 is 168, pretty close to 140 three times 42 is 126, even closer to 140

What goes into 17 and 42?

The number 1 goes into both 17 and 42. In this instance, one goes into each number exact the same number of times as the original number like 17 or 42.

The sum of a number and fourteen is less than or equal to three times the number?

X+14 ≤ 3x

Mathematical facts about the number 42?

((1*2*3) -4 + 5) *6= 42 satans number times gods number= 6*7= 42

What number when times by itself and then takeaway by the same number and the answer is 42?

The answer is 7. Because 7X7=49 then 49-7= 42!

Write the number that is one hundred times greater than 42?

the number that is one hundred bigger than 42 is 142

What number multiplied by 42 gives you 40?

20/21 times 42 = 40

How many people are in fourteen trios?


How many times does 42 go into 150 equally?

The number 42 goes into 150 equally three times. You will have a remainder of 24.

What number has eight letters?

Thirteen, fourteen and nineteen.

How many times does 6 go into 14?

The number six goes into the number fourteen two and one third times. This is a simple division problem in which the smaller number goes into the larger number.

How do you multiply 3 numbers together?

You do it like this. 6 times 7 times 2. 6 times 7 is 42. Then 42 times 2 is 84. You multiply the first number times the second number and then the product times the third number Example: 5x8x6 5x8=40 40x6=240 The answer to that problem is 240

What number goes in 42?

8 times 6

8 letter word for Two-Digit number 3rd letter U?