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kilogram, gram, decigram, centigram and milligram

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Uhm dis still doesnt answer my question
can u right it from deca
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Q: From largest to smallest what is the order of gram kilogram hectogram dekagram centigram decigram milligram?
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How do you do metric conversions?

multiply by ten for example: Kilogram : 1,000 Hectogram: 100 Dekagram: 10 Gram: 1 Decigram: 0.1 Centigram: 0.01 Milligram: 0.001

Is 2.4 grams equivalent 2400 milligrams?

Yes Conversions: Tonne - 1,000,000 Kilogram - 1,000 Hectogram - 100 Dekagram - 10 Gram - 1 Decigram - 10 Centigram - 100 Milligram - 1,000

What are the symbols for units of mass from the smallest to the largest up to kilo?

Milligram, Centigram, Decigram, Gram, Dekagram, Hectogram, Kilogram. A good way to remember the prefixes is the phrase "King Hector Died Unexpectedly Drinking Chocolate Milk." (The 'U' stands for units without prefixes: gram, meter, liter.)

What is the equivalent of 1 dekagram in hectogram?

What is the equivalent of 1dekagram in hectogram

Which is larger decigram or dekagram?

A dekagram is larger, being equal to 10 grams, while a decigram is 0.1 gram. So 1 dekagram is 100 decigrams.

What is the relationship between a decigram and a dekagram?

1 dekagram = 100 decigrams.

What is the relation between a decigram and a dekagram?

1 dekagram = 100 decigrams.

How many dekagram are in milligram?

1 milligram is 0.0001 dekagrams.

How many times larger is a centigram than a dekagram?


How many times greater is a dekagram than a milligram?


Is a dekagram smaller than a milligram?

No. Deka means 10 and milli means 1/1000. Therefore, there are actually 10,000 milligrams in a dekagram.

How do you convert 37.1 centigrams to dekagrams?

1 centigram is 1/1000 of a dekagram, and 37.1 centigrams is 0.0371 dekagrams.

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