Function of epiphyseal line

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Function of epiphyseal line
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What structure would be present instead of a epiphyseal line?

epiphyseal plate

What is a thin line spanning the epiphysis?

epiphyseal line

What does an epiphyseal line tell us?

it does your mom

What is the common term for epiphyseal line?


What is the structure of an epiphyseal plate?

The epiphyseal disk is the growth plate in long bones that is found between the two epiphyses and the diaphysis. This is a space that remains as long as a person is growing. When growth is completed, the epiphyses and the diaphysis meet and fuse forming a line.

What marginal zone of the epiphyseal plate where in children and adolescents bone can be seen replacing the hyaline cartilage?

the epiphyseal line

What structure allows bones to grow in thickness?

Bones grow in length by endochondral ossification. It begins with cartilage that acts like a model of the bone that will grow. The bone grows in length and diameter(appositional). the structure that allows this is the epiphyseal cartilage that seperates the epiphysis from the diaphysis. When the bone is fully grown this cartilage will become bone and simply the epiphyseal line.

The anatomical neck of the humerus includes?

epiphyseal line

How is bone marrow articular cartilage the epiphyseal line and epiphyseal plate related?

The epiphyseal plate is a section of hyaline cartilage that seperates the epiphysis from the diaphysis in long bones. The growth and ossification of the epiphyseal plate is responsible for the bone growing longer. Articulate cartilage is similar, however, it is found on the outside layer of the epiphysis. It grows and resorbs allowing for the remodelling of the bone. The epiphyseal line is the remains of the epiphyseal plate once it has stopped growing.

The longitudinal growth of long bones ceases when?

The epiphyseal plate ossifies and becomes the epiphyseal line in long bones. This begins at puberty.

Where do long bones lengthen?

Long bones such as the femur length along the epiphyseal plate that turns into the epiphyseal line in adults when their growth is complete.

Epiphyseal plate being replaced by epiphyseal line is an indication that bone growth?

: The epiphyseal line the part of the bone that replaces the epiphyseal growth plate in long bones once a person has reached their full adult height. An epiphyseal line is visible on a standard x-ray. It looks like a thin dark streak that stretches horizontally across the rounded ends of the bone.