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these two questions should be answered differently because the one problem has numbers in the other problem this one does not include i think that these 2 questions should be answered differenetly.....

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Give an example of an inequality?
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Is 82 an inequalitie?

No. An inequality must have an inequality sign, for example, "<".

Is 4n9 an example of an inequality?

No. An inequality will show two expressions that aren't equal.

Give an example of an inequality using multiplication and addition properties of inequalities?

Explain the addition and multiplication properties of inequalities

What is an example of social stratification the book Ishmael?

inequality such as gender inequality, economic status

Is 3n-6 an example of an inequality?


What is an algebraic inequality?

heres an example: 3x+4>10 in this case, the answer to this inequality would be x>2

What is the difference between a compound inequality using the word and and compound inequality using the word or?

The difference between them is that when solving an "and" inequality you are comparing two inequalities and when you are solving an "or" inequality you dont compare, you only use one inequality example of "and" . 2<x+3<7 example of "or" . 4<d or m<1

What is an example or an or inequality?

2.5 <= 10 x <= b

When should the inequality sign be flipped?

when you divide the inequality by a negative number, for example -2x > 50 then x < -25

What is a math inequality?

An inequality is when a variable and its coeefecient is greater than something. For example, 5x is greater than 2.

Explain what happens when both sides of an inequality is multiplied by a negative number give an example to support your answer?

The direction of the inequality is reversed. Note that the if the inequality included "or equals" before, then it will after. 4 < 5 multiplied by -1 gives -4 > -5 5 >= 4 multiplied by -1 gives -5 <= -4

What is the greatest number that is a solution for the inequality?

The answer, which may not even exist, depends on the inequality. There is, for example, no greatest solution for x > 5.

What is an example of a inequality with no solution in the third quadrant?

Y > -x

Can you think of an example or situation where separation does not mean inequality?


What is an example of racial inequality?

Racial inequality is a moral issue in which people are treated differently and denied of fair treatment due to race. An example of racial inequality is a person being denied of working for a company based on nothing more than their race.

How do you write a thesis for gender inequality?

To write a thesis for gender inequality one would need to identify a narrow topic to discuss about gender inequality. One example would be, how gender inequality in the workplace hurts us all.

Which is an example of the inequality women faced in America in the mid-1800s?

An example of the inequality women faced in America in the mid-1800s is Women were prohibited from attending church without a male relative.

What is the effect of multiplying both sides of an inequality by a negative number?

It changes the direction of the inequality.

A mathematical statement that uses numbers and symbols doesnt have an equal sign?

If it has an inequality sign, for example "less than", it is an inequality. If it doesn't have that, it is an expression.

What happens to the inequality when it is multiplied by a negative number?

The inequality is "flipped" when multiplied by a negative number. For example, if x > y and a is a negative number, then ax < ay.

Is -5 a solution to this inequality x3?

"x3" is not an inequality. An inequality will have one of the following signs: less-than, less-than-or-equal, greater-than, greater-than-or-equal. for example: 3x - 5 < 15

Solve this inequality j4 - 8 4?

For the inequality j4-84 you will change it to j4=84. Then, you would perform 84/4 to give you an answer of 21.

When you multiply both sides of any inequality by a negative number you need to the inequality symbol?

When an Inequality expression is multiplied (or divided) by a negative number then the Inequality sign is reversed. Example : -9x < 18 : -x < 2 : x > both sides have been multiplied by -1.

What do the shaded dots refer to in the graph of an inequality?

The shaded area of the graph of an inequality show the solution to the inequality. For example, if the area below y = x is shaded it is showing those ordered pairs which solve y < x.

Give you a theme for lemon orchard by alex la gume?

Racism and inequality.