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Some examples of the properties of multiplication are the idenity property are EX./ 5*1=5 Then there is the associative property. EX./ 7*(5*6)=5*(6*7) Communative property EX./5*4=4*5 zero property EX./ 5*0=0

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Q: Give examples of the properties of multiplication?
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What is the meaning of properties of multiplication?

Properties of multiplications are statements about multiplication that are always true.

What are extensive properties Give two examples of extensive properties?

do it your self lazy azz.

Give 3 examples of properties?

# solid,liquid and gas

Properties in math?

the distributed property,commmutative properties of addition and multiplication,Associative properties of addition and multiplication,additive identity, multiplicative identity.

What are the properties of multipulcation?

They are the Associative Property of Multiplication, the Commutative Property of Multiplication, and the Zero Property of Multiplication.

What are multiplication properties?

The answer depends on the context. For example, multiplication of numbers is commutative (A*B = B*A) but multiplication of matrices is not.

Multiplication properties of exponents?

ummm........ i forget

What are the five properties of multiplication?

zero property

What property of multiplication do you use with money?

All the properties of multiplication may be used with money.

What is the algebraic method in multiplication with examples?

what is the algebraic notation method in multiplication

What are identity properties?

The Identity properties of multiplication and addition567+0=567422x1=422

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Examples: density, hardness, boiling point, refractive index.

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examples: a x -a=0

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examples of specific properties

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There are many properties associated with multiplication. The question needs to be a bit more specific.

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An extensive property is a property that changes when the size of the sample changes. Examples are mass, volume, length, and total charge.

Is there such thing as the zero property in properties of multiplication?

no it is no such thing

What is properties in math?

addition,subtraction,multiplication,and division.

What are the other properties of multiplication?

plus saka minus

What is the properties under multiplication?

commutative, associative, distributive

How you do Multiplication property?

The multiplication properties are: Commutative property. Associative property. Distributive property. Identity property. And the Zero property of Multiplication.

Propertes of matrices?

Algebraic Properties of Matrix Operations. In this page, we give some general results about the three operations: addition, multiplication.

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color, shine, shape, solid, gas, or liquid?