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It means: 9 times 9 is equal to 81

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Q: Give the meaning of Nine Times Is Eighty -One?
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What is the meaning of Nine times nine is eighty one?

The meaning of "nine times nine is eighty one" is 9x9=81

What is forty seven times eighty nine?

Forty-seven times eighty-nine is four thousand one hundred eighty-three. In numbers, that's 47x89=4,183.

What is eighty nine times a number?

ANSWER: 89xeighty nine times a number= 89 * x= 89x

What is negative nine times positive nine?

Negative eighty one :d

What is the product of 81 in two different ways?

eighty-one times one and nine times nine

What is a match for 46.89 forty-six and eighty nine or is it forty-six and eighty-nine thousand?

forty six and eighty nine thousand

How do you write a word name for the number 249.89?

Two hundred forty nine and eighty nine hundredths.Two hundred forty nine and eighty nine hundredths.Two hundred forty nine and eighty nine hundredths.Two hundred forty nine and eighty nine hundredths.

How do you write 89 in word form?


What is 89980 in word form?

Eighty-nine thousand, nine hundred eighty.

What does one point eighty four times nine point thirty nine equal?

1.84 * 9.39 = 17.2776

How do you write 3089089 in words?

Three million and eighty - nine thousand and eighty-nine.

How do you write eighty-nine hundredths as a decimal?

Eighty-nine hundredths as a decimal is 0.89

How many times in the word love used in the new testament of the bible?

two hundred and eighty nine times.

What is 3 089 089 in words?

Three million, eighty-nine thousand, eighty-nine.

How do you write 984?

Nine hundred and eighty-four.

How does this number read 89.70?

Eighty-nine and seventy hundredths

How do you write 789 in words?

seven hundred and eighty nine

What is eighty-nine hundred-thousandths in numbers?

Eighty-nine hundred-thousandths in numbers = 0.00089

What is .389 in word forms?

It is three hundred eighty nine thousandths.

How do you write 2.089 in word form?

Two and eighty-nine thousandths.

Eighty-nine minus equals thirteen?

Eighty nine minus seventy six equals thirteen

How do you write 982 in word form?

nine hundred eighty-two

How do you write 4.89 decimal in word?

Four and eighty-nine hundredths

How much is 49.80?

decimals in words is forty nine and eighty hundredths or in dollars forty nine dollars eighty cents or in regular words is forty nine point eighty? it depends.

How do you write 986.986 in word form?

Nine hundred and eighty six and nine hundred and eighty six thousandths