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Q: Good things about Filipinos
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Why Filipinos love basketball so much?

because Filipinos are good at it

Filipino study living things?

Filipinos also study living things.

How do you say Good afternoon in the Philippines?

good afternoon in languages of the Filipinos

Why do early Filipinos perform dance?

according to my own experience,filipinos are good dancers and a dance lovers,,,according to my survey.

Why does Filipinos like to eat?

Filipinos like to eat for the same reason as anybody else, to satisfy hunger, and b/c it tastes good.

What are the Filipinos?

I think they are from the Philippines in southeastern Asia. :) Filipinos are people from the Philippines. they are very friendly. they celebrate many fiestas and religious events. their religion is roman catholic. Filipinos are very religious person. and another good characteristics of Filipinos is they keep smiling even they have problems

What were the good attitudes of Filipinos acoording to the essay where is the patis?

colonial mentality

What reasons did the Filipinos have coming to America?

reasons why Filipinos go to America: to seek greener pasteur; to have a good job to elevate their status in life; for better future

Are Filipinos considered to be Americans?

No. Filipinos are not Americans. They are Filipinos and they come from the Philippines and not in America.

How does Filipinos affects the personality of a salesman?

My experience with Filipinos has been that they are very friendly people. This would be a good trait in a salesman. A Filipino salesman working with non-Filipinos needs to realize that he should not expect the level of friendlyness he may be used to and not view that as rejection.

Was encomienda system good or bad to the Filipinos?

the encomienda system brought many good things in our country especially to us, the Filipino. good thing that we can considered it or we can used it in our every day living.there are changes in our values, culture or even our own attitude but in mere sense thats the being us. bad things about encomienda system is the negative effect in our culture.

Where do Filipinos live?

Filipinos are residents of the Philippines.

Are Filipinos pacific islanders?

Filipinos are Asian.

Why Filipinos loved eating pepperoni pizza at Pizza Hut?

Because it has a good taste.

Where did the Filipinos live in hawaii?

The Filipinos lived on the plantation

Ancient values of the Filipinos?

Ancient values of the Filipinos?

Where are Filipinos from originally?

It is believed Filipinos descended from Malaysians.

Do Filipinos need visa to Malaysia?

yes, Filipinos do

Who speaks English better Indians or Filipinos?


How can you compare Filipinos today from the Filipinos before?


Is utang na loob a good trait of Filipinos?

Yes it is a good trait. Actually, the trait of utang na loob or debt of gratitude as it is in English doesn't really require material payment as to how its name implies but simply remembering the good things that has been done to you by the person who did it and that already serves as its payment.

What is the good traits did Lapulapu taught the Filipino?

Lapu-lapu taught the Filipinos how to fight for their freedom.

Are Filipinos Asian?

Filipinos are AsianFilipinos are technically Asian because the Philippines are in Asia but they can be called Pacific Islanders.

How do use the word Filipinos in a sentence?

my friends are all Filipinos.

What are the different cultures of the Filipinos?

what are the different culture we have inherited as filipinos