Graduation in Pakistan

Updated: 11/10/2022
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the 14 year education in Pakistan is called graduation

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Q: Graduation in Pakistan
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Can girl apply for Pakistan army after graduation with arts subjects?


Is graduation in mechanical engineering from Pakistan and that of UK the same?

No it is not the same.

Can you apply after graduation for mcat in Pakistan in Punjab?

yes.. on the base of Fsc MARKS..... YOU CAN APPLY FOR MCAT....

How can girls join Pakistan army after graduation?

Girls can join Pakistan armies after graduation. If your age is less than 25 and you fulfill all requirements, you will have to go through academic, physical and intelligence tests and if you qualify you can get considered for educational, engineering, intelligence and various other fields.

When does a parent give a graduation gift the day of graduation or at the graduation party?

at the graduation

When is graduation day in Canada?

Graduation is a ceremony, where students become graduates. The date of graduation is called "graduation day". Some people have graduation parties to celebrate graduation. They are quite popular.

When to take a degree in absentia. After graduation or after post graduation?

after post graduation.

What are the scope in geography after graduation?

scope of geography after graduation

Promotion or graduation?

What are you getting at? Graduation:)

What are the lines on a thermometer called?

Graduations, or graduation marks.

How do you fill out graduation invitations?

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Is it necessary to have same subject in mains as was in graduation?

Yes, in mains just is in graduation. Being graduation's simply reality