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One yard is equal to 36 inches. Therefore, half a yard is equal to 36 / 2 = 18 inches.

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Q: Half a yard equals how many inches?
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Related questions

Half yard equals how many feet and how many inches?

3 feet = 1 yard, therefore half a yard would be 1.5 feet or 18 inches.

One half of a yard equals how many inches?

1 yard =36 inches 1/2 yard= 18 inches

How many feet does one half yard equal?

1 & 1/2 feet, or 18 inches, equals one half yard.

1and a half yard equals how many inches?

A yard is three feet, and a foot is twelve inches. Multiply twelve by three and you get forty-eight. Half of three is one and a half, so that would be eighteen inches. Add eighteen and forty-eight is sixty-six. One yard is forty-eight inches, and one and a half feet is eighteen inches. Thus, a one and a half yard is sixty-six inches.

How many feet and inches are in a yard?

1 yard equals 3 feet equals 36 inches

How many inches is in four and a half yards?

A yard equals= 3ft so the answer is 12 1/2FT

How many inches in a yard and a half?

One yard and a half = 1.5 x 36 inches = 54 inches.

How much is a half a yard?

One and a half feet, or 18 inches.

1 yard equals to how many inches?

1 yard = 36 inches.

What does 18 inches equals in yards?

There are three feet in one yard. There are 12 inches in one foot. Therefore one yard is equal to 3 x 12 = 36 inches. Since 18 inches is half of 36, 18 inches is equal to half a yard.

How many inches and 1 yard and 1 foot?

36 inches equals 3 feet equals 1 yard

1 yard and 7 inches equals how many inches?

1 yard and 7 inches = 43 inches.

Three and a half yards equals how many inches?

Since 1 yard = 36 inches, then 3.5 yards = 3.5 x 36 inches = 126 inches

How many inches are in 1 half yard?

1 yard = 36 inches 36/2= 18 There are 18 inches in a half yard.

How many inches is one-fourth of a yard?

9 inches equals one fourth yard.

How many inches are there in 2 in a half yards?

One yard is 36 inches. Half a yard is 18 inches. Two yards is 72 inches plus half a yard (18inches) is 90 inches. Or you could multiply 36 times 2.5.

What is one sixth of a yard?

A sixth of a yard is 6 inches.

Yard stick equals how many inches?

36 inches

8 yard equals how many inches?

288 inches

How many inches is half a yard?

1 yard = 36 inches 1/2 yard = 18 inches

2 and a half yards equals how many inches?

There are 36in in a Yard so 36 divided by 2 equals 18 so 36+36+18=90in

How many inches is equals to a yard?


How many links in a Yard?

Answer: There are 7.92 inches in a link. 36 inches in a yard divided by 7.92 equals 4.545 links in a yard.

What is a fraction of a yard?

Any portion of that yard is a fraction of that yard.For instance, one foot is one-third of a yard.Two feet is two thirds of a yard.Eighteen inches equals half of a yard.Twenty seven inches equals three-fourths of a yard.Nine inches equals one-fourth of a yard.

How many inches in one half of a yard?

Well how many inches are in a yard?....... Got the answer? Okay.. now here is the fun part: Divide that in half! BAM! There is your answer! :)