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No, he was never in the bottom two.

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Q: Has joe McElderry be in the bottom two in x factor?
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How many people ha swon the x factor in cheryls group?

She has been a judge on The x Factor for two series' and she has won each time. The first time with Alexandra Burke and the second with Joe McElderry.

How many singles has joe mcelderry released?

He has released two singles, The Climb and Ambitions.

Did olly win x factor?

Olly Murs came second but Joe Mceldrey won!

How won each x factor?

X FACTOR SERIES WINNERS...>>> Series One- Stevie Brookstien Series Two- Shayne Ward Series Three- Leona Lewis Series Four- Leon Jackson Series Five- Alexandra Burke Series Six- Joe McElderry Series Seven- Matt Cardle

How many times were JLS in the bottom two on The X Factor?


What week did JLS get into the bottom two of The X Factor?

week 3

What is the intro music for joe mcelderry family on all-star family furtunes on 10 september?

Joe Mcelderrry is good singing to it hou is a Nroth Easth hou who a hmv and toctot to hou got my up on Sataday on feb 25th hou it good man two l who joe nana on Sataday 25th From you firenders Rebecca x

How many times had Cher Lloyd been in the bottom two on The X Factor?

On The X Factor, Cher Lloyd was in the bottom two twice. She sang 'Stay' by Shakespeares' Sister on one occasion and 'Everytime' by Britney Spears on the other.

What songs are the x factor contestants singing week 4 2009?

Joe McElderry - Don't Stop Believin' Lucie Jones - Sweet Child O' Mine Danyl Johnson - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Lloyd Daniels - I Kissed A Girl Stacey Solomon - Somewhere Only We Know Jamie Archer - Rocks Rachel Adedeji - One John & Edward - We Will Rock You Olly Murs - Come Together Bottom Two: Rachel Adedeji - Stop Crying Your Heart Out Lloyd Daniels - You Are So Beautiful

When did Cheryl Cole win The X Factor?

Cheryl Cole was never a contestant on The X Factor. She won a place in the girl group Girls Aloud on the show "Popstars: The Rivals" in 2002. As a judge on The X Factor, she mentored two winning acts: Alexandra Burke (2008) and Joe McElderry (2009).

What songs are the x factor contestants singing week three 2009?

Olly Murs - Bewitched Lloyd Daniels - Fly Me To The Moon Miss Frank - That's Life Rachel Adedeji - Proud Mary Jamie Archer - Angel of Harlem Stacey Solomon - When You Wish Upon A Star Danyl Johnson - Feeling Good Joe McElderry - Sway Lucie Jones - My Funny Valentine John & Edward - She Bangs Bottom Two: Miss Frank - Love Don't Live Here Anymore Danyl Johnson - With A Little Help From My Friends

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