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Integers or whole numbers

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Q: Has no fractional parts or decimal parts?
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Related questions

What is the purpose of a decimal point in a decimal?

The purpose is to separate whole numbers from fractional parts of whole numbers.

How is 15 written as a decimal?

Because 15 is a whole integer with no fractional parts to it, we write 15.0 for it to be a decimal.

When is the difference of two decimals an integer?

When the fractional parts of the two decimals (the bits to the right of the decimal point) are equivalent.

When is a is the sum of two decimals a whole number?

When the fractional parts, if any, of the two decimal numbers sum to 1.

What is is the decimal portion of the decimal of 176.261?

The fractional portion is 0.261

What are the numbers called after the decimal point?

They are the decimal fractional part.

34.5 as a decimal?

34.5 is a decimal 34 1/2 is fractional

How is petroleum separated and the fractional parts collected?

fractional distillation

The sum of the fractional parts of two integers is what?

Integers have no fractional parts, so their sum will be zero.

How do you subdivide fractional parts?

group the fractional parts to represent thirds and prove two thirds is shaded

What separates whole number and fractional part of decimal number?

Decimal point

Places to the right of the decimal point?

They comprise the fractional part of a decimal number.

What are the decimal number parts?

From left to right,the signum (or sign),a string of integers representing the integer part (if any),the decimal indicator: nowadays a comma or a full stop (if there is a fractional part - see next),a string of integers representing the fractional part (if any),an ellipsis to indicate that the fractional part continues - either repeating endlessly or not.

How can a decimal greater than 1 be a repeating decimal?

A decimal number is like a mixed fraction: it has an integer part and a fractional part. If the fractional part is a repeating fraction then the whole number is represented by a repeating decimal.

What is the decimal in fractional notation 0.097?


What is the decimal and fractional expansion for 569.384?

569.384 = 71173⁄125

When converting a decimal to a fraction the digits to the right of the decimal point become the?

Fractional part of a mixed decimal.

How do you turn a mixed number into a decimal integers?

You cannot. A mixed number, by definition, has a fractional part. In converting to a decimal number, you cannot get rid of that fractional part and so you can never convert it to a decimal integer.

What are positive and negative numbers but have no decimal or fractional portion?


What is the fractional equivalent of decimal 0.6667 inches?


Is -1.3838 an integer?

No. It is decimal number. An integer is a number that can be written without a fractional or decimal component.

What do you call it when you change a fraction to a decimal?

It is simply called conversion from a fractional form to a decimal form.

What is 43 as a fraction and decimal?

43 is an integer and has the fractional representation 43/1. It is a decimal number.

Can a decimal number be a whole number?

No. A whole number is a number with no fractional (decimal) part. Therefore a decimal number can not be a whole number. Another view: 35.0 is a whole number AND a decimal. The fact that a number is a decimal does not automatically require it to have a fractional part. Even 35 is a decimal number (without a decimal point).

How do you write the value of a decimal?

You first write the integer part, then write the decimal point and then the fractional part in decimal form.