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You can swap a single breaker for two mini breakers or you can add a sub-panel. If you only need a couple of extra circuits then just add mini-breakers.

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Q: Have existing a 125 amp main need more breakers spaces?
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What is the Colour code system for screw in fuses and breakers?

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What is a subpanel in electrical?

It's an electrical component box, separate from the main, that could contain anything from more breakers or fuses to switches, relays, timers etc.

Is it safe to have 200 plus amps in breakers inside than 90 amps on the main service breaker outside?

I am assuming by your description that the panel is protected by a 90 amp breaker and the breakers in the panel when added up is 200. This is okay as long as your 90 amp breaker trips on a regular basis. It is typical for the breakers to add up to more than the main breaker under the assumption that you would rarely be running each circuit at its maximum capacity.

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Are plug in circuit breakers still legal?

Yes, most home applications use plug in breakers. Bolt in breakers are more expensive and are usually reserved for industrial and commercial use in distribution panels.

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How do you add more breakers to a main supply panel?

New breakers can be purchased separately, and simply snapped into place in the modern breaker panels. Turn power off to panel before removing breaker panel plate. If you do not know what you're doing, save your life and hire an electrician to do it.

Do you need a main dissconnect for a 400 amp 3 phase service?

No, you can use the six main rule. This means you would have a 400 amp main lug panel, with six breakers or less, but no more than six. You can also use six individual disconnects.

Compare and contrast a circuit breaker and a fuse?

Compare: both interrupt current both have limitations on how much can be interrupted contrast: fuse operates once, circuit breakers can be reset breakers are more complex than fuses breakers are more expensive than fuses

Can more wires be ran from the meter base to supply a shop from your house?

No, you cannot put but one set of wires in a meter base. The way to go about this, is to mount an outside panel beside your meter base. Panel sized to existing house service, equipped with two main breakers. One to re-feed the house panel the other to feed your shop.

Can you use mini breakers instead of regular breakers?

Yes, but only use them if absolutely necessary and I would never install more than one set of min-breakers in a service panel. Otherwise you can overload the panel.

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