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The age of the universe is estimated to be around 15 billion years. An average star is estimated to last less than a third of that time. It would be very unlikely, Although it is impossible to know anything about the universe with any certainty. If the big bang theory is correct the quantum singularity was the start of time as we know it so there could not have been any energy or stars before then.

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Q: Have scientists found that the age of the universe is greater than the age of the oldest star?
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Why are the scientists interested in understanding the universe?

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How old is the oldest star in the universe?

Nobody knows for sure how old the oldest star in the universe is. Australian scientists discovered a star that is supposed to be the oldest, at 13.7 billion years, but not long before this star was discovered American astronomers had found a star that is supposed to be 14.5 billion years. While based on science, these ages are only guesses, and it seems likely that we will find older stars one day.

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Although the most scientists agree that the Universe began with the Big Bang, there were some who disagreed. Three Brithish scientists put forward the Steady State Theory. According to this theory, the Universe looks the same no matter the viewpoint, and the Universe has always looked like this. To put it simply, the Universe is uniform throughout both time and space, and had no 'begining'. The Steady State theory is simple, it had no answer to the many phenomena found in the Universe. As a result, it gradually lost its supporters.

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Why the astronomers observe stars?

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