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heaviest man ever is Halbert Jokansofeer at 5695 pounds. Born in 1987 and died in 2004. At birth he was 49 pounds!

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Q: Heaviest man alive in the world?
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Who holds the world-record for heaviest man alive?

Manuel Uribe, was the heaviest man alive 1235 he's on a diet...and has lost a tremendous amount of weight..

What is the Heaviest animal alive?

Helen howard is the heaviest animal in the world and second is her mum.

What is the name of the heaviest man in the USpossibly the world?

Manuel Uribe

What is the weight of the heavist man in the world?

The heaviest man ever was Jon Brower Minnoch from U.S.A (1941 - 83) he weighed more than 635kg. And the heaviest man alive is Manuel Uribe Garza from Mexico who weighs 416 kg during a weigh in on 2009 And just if your wondering - The heaviest livig woman is Pauline Potter from California who weighs 291.6kg on 13th of ay 2010 (Taken from Guiness book of world records 2012) Hope I helped :)

What is the heaviest metal known to man?

The heaviest metal or the densest metal known to man is osmium. The heaviest metal that is commonly used by man is lead.

Does the fattest man alive live in Mexico?

Manuel Uribe of Mexico at over 1,200 pounds may in fact be the heaviest man alive. really? i thought that the fattest man alive was 1000 pounds.

Who is the heaviest person alive?

Currently the heaviest person that is alive is Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari who weighs 610 kg (1,340 lbs).

How heavy was the heaviest person ever and how heavy is the heaviest person alive?

Over 1400 poundsThe heaviest person alive is Manuel Uribe Garza who weighed 1235 lbs at his peak weight.

What is the heaviest barbell curl?

The heaviest barbell curl recorded in history is for 225 pounds or 102 kg. The man who made this world record was a man named C. T. Fletcher.

Who is Heaviest human alive?

Dennis greens ego

Weight of the heaviest person alive?

1000 pounds

What is the heaviest statue in the world?

the heaviest statue in the world is statue of liberty.

Who is the heaviest kid in the world?

I think the heaviest kid in the world is Jessica

What is the heaviest lizard in the world?

The Komodo Dragon is the heaviest lizard in the world!

How do you use heaviest in a sentence?

The old man had the heaviest grocery bag.

What is the heaviest man made element?

Ununoctium is the heaviest man made element. Uranium is the heaviest element that is also naturally occurring, with an atomic weight of 238.0289.

Can the world's strongest man carry the worlds heaviest man?

i don't think so to be honest would he brake a bone

Who is the largest man in the world?

The tallest man in the world is Robert Wadlow who was 8 feet 11.1 inches tall. The heaviest man was Manuel Uribe at over 1200 lbs.

What if the heaviest man ate the worlds heaviest pumpkin?

He would be heavier!! (or puke)

What is the Heaviest dog alive?

simma the pitbull simma the pitbull

What is the world's heaviest land mammal?

The African elephant is the world's heaviest land mammal

What is the Second heaviest bird in the world?

The second heaviest bird in the world is the Southern Cassowary.

How much did John Brower Minnoch the world's heaviest man from the US weigh?

He weighed 637 KG.

The haviest man in the world?

If you ment heaviest it is Manuelo Abberzo he weighed 1,200 pounds, as a round number.

What year did the world come alive?

1312 Man