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two times ten is twenty; and two times eleven is twenty, too.

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Q: Horace claimed that 2 x 10 equals 2 x 11 is a true statement What was his explanation?
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Horace claimed that 2 times 10 equals 2 times 11 is a true statement what was his explanation?

"Two times ten is twenty. Two times eleven is twenty-two." Twenty-two sounds identical to "twenty, too".

What is 100 equals 6 equals 7 equals?

It is a nonsensical statement.

Is 10 equals 120 an expression or an equation?

If a statement includes an "equals" sign ( = ) then the statement is an equation. By the way . . . it may or may not be a true statement. "10 equals 120" is not true.

Is 837592 equals 592837 a true statement?

No, it is a false statement.

Is 2 plus 4 equals 13 a statement?

It is a statement. It is a false statement, but a statement nevertheless.

Is 2x4 equals 7 a statement?

2x4 does not equal 7, it equals 8. 2x4=8 is a correct statement.

What do you call x equals 3 equals 9?

A false statement.

Is xy equals 0 - x equals 0 or y equals 0 a biconditional statement?


What is the value of a in the statement 3ab equals 15 if b equals 5?

a = 1

What is the answer of d equals 4.6cm?

d equals 4.6cm is just a statement. There is no question.

What is an explanation of E equals mc squared?

Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

What is 4.16 equals 100?

A false statement.

What is 100000 equals 9000?

A false statement.

What is 725 equals 5?

A false statement.

What is 9X1.5 equals 170?

A false statement.

What does the statement If PE equals 55 KE equals 35 mean?

This statement has to be false because the amounts do not add up to 100. They only add up to 90.

What is 8x equals 3 equals 5x-18?

It is a false statement and therefore has the value 0.

What is 43 equals 15?

It appears to be a false statement.

What is 31 plus 21 equals?

The mathematical statement 31 plus 21 equals 52 as a total.

What is the explanation for 3x3x3x3 equals 81?

Its 3 to the fourth power. Is that what you're asking?

What is 29 plus 12 equals 41?

It is a true statement.

What is 63 plus 4 equals 67?

It is a true statement.

What is T equals to 4ounce?

It is a definitional statement for a variable T.

Voltage divided by current equals resistance?

This statement is correct.

What is 1 equals 1?

It is an identity - a statement that is always true.

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