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Q: Horizontal and vertical lines in an artwork suggest motion?
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What is the difference between horizontal and vertical motion?

Our jumping is a vertical motion, while walking is a horizontal motion. Exercises are done by both horizontal and vertical motion.

What are horizontal motion and vertical motion?

horizontal is side to side vertical is up and down

What is horizontal motion vertical motion?

Horizontal motion is motion that moves back and forth and vertical motion moves up and down.

How is the motion in the vertical direction affected by motion in the horizontal direction?

the horizontal motion and the vertical motion are independent of each other

Which of these components of projectile motion is not influenced by gravity?

Horizontal and vertical components which need to be treated independently from each other when working out either the horizontal or vertical motion.

When you graph the motion of an object you put what on the horizontal and the what on the vertical axis?

Time on horizontal, Distance on Vertical

What is the purpose of a craskshaft?

The purpose of the crankshaft is to change vertical motion into horizontal motion.

How does the gravity affect the two components of projectile motion?

Projectile motion has two components horizontal motion and vertical motion. Gravity affects only the vertical motion of projectile motion.

Does the horizontal motion affect the vertical motion of a projectile?

Not if you can ignore air resistance, it doesn't.

What are the three basic kinds of motion?

The three basic kinds of motion are vertical, horizontal, and circular.

What two things change when an objects in motion?

horizontal and vertical position

Is it true that projectiles always have both horizontal and vertical motion?