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two hundred forty-one thousandths

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Q: How would you read the decimal number 0.241?
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Explain how to read the decimal 8.79?

To read the decimal 8.79, you read it eight and seventy-nine hundredths because after the decimal, there are two place values. The first is tenths and the second is hundredths. Since the last number, 9, is in the hundredth place, the whole decimal would be read as a hundredth.

What is 7.039521 to three decimal numbers?

You would round the number up - to read 7.040

What is 39.99095 to 4 decimal point?

You would round the number UP - to read 39.9910 (or 39.991)

What is greater .54 or .51?

.54 is bigger than .51. When you read a decimal, you read it from left to right, the biggest decimal number being the one closest to the decimal point.

What is a reapaeting decimal?

a decimal that never ends and keeps going on and on in that same order. Example: if 6 was a repeating decimal it would read: .666666666666666666 etc Example #2: if 52 was a repeating decimal it would read: 5252525252525252 etc

How would you read 300 hundred thousandths as a decimal?

It is 0.00300

What is 7 divided by 498?


How is 76.7 decimal number read?

76.7 = seventy-six and seven tenths.

How many digits appear after reading the decimal?

As many as there were before the number was read!

How do you turn 0.35 as a mixed number or a decimal?

Since the magnitude of the given number is less than 1 it cannot be expressed as a mixed number. It already appears as a decimal number in the question. I suggest that you read your questions before posting them!

How do you read a decimal number?

read the number in front of it.........that's how you do itlove and peace

Explain how knowin that 5 divided by 8 equals 0625 helps you write the decimal for 4 58?

4.625 is easier to read. If you divide the bottom number into the top number, you'll get the decimal.

How would you read the decimal 23.23?

23.23 = twenty-three and twenty-three hundredths

What is the only unknown number palindrome?

A palindromic number is a number whose digits, with decimal representation usually assumed, are the same read backwards, for example, 58285.

How do you read PH chart?

the color of the chart represents the color that the pH test strip tuned there should be a decimal number the decimal number should be with the color so 7.0 is the normal pH level for a human

What is 3.98 to one decimal place?

You would round it up... to read 4.0 (or simply 4).

How do you say 151.8 in spanish?

The decimal point is usually written as a comma, in Spanish-speaking countries. In that case, you would read this number as "ciento cincuenta y uno coma ocho".

How do you read 0.2415 in decimals in word form?

0.2415 is read as " zero point two four one five". This is so because after decimal point, we read the individual numbers, not the number as a whole.

How would you read the number -17?

Negative seventeen

How do you read the decimal number 0.09647?

0.09647 = nine thousand, six hundred forty-seven hundred-thousandths.

How do you find exponential notation from standard notation?

Exponential notations are ways of writing very large or very small numbers using exponents. The first step is to add or move the decimal point. For a number like 0.00435 you move the decimal to make it 4.35, or for 345,000 the decimal would be 3.45. After moving the decimal you count how many spaces. If the decimal moved to the right then it looks like 4.35*10^-3 and when moving left it would read 3.45*10^5.

14895678 how is this number read in international decimal system?

If the measurement is in metres (m): 14.895678 Mm (megameters - 106 m)

How would you write 0.3480 in words. Would it be thirty-four and eight thousandth cents?

Not quite. Because the last number after the decimal point is a zero, we can forget that zero exists as it holds no information. Because numbers after the decimal are moving in the opposite direction to the numbers before the decimal, a zero to the right means nothing, the same as if the first number on the left before the decimal was a zero (example 0100 is 100, the 0 at the beginning means nothing to us).So your number is essentially 0.348. We have 3 tenths, 4 hundredths, and 8 thousandths. So we are going to express this number as thousandths because that is the placing of the last number. Then just read the number after the decimal in the same way you would read a number before the decimal, in this case 348 or three hundred and forty-eight.So your answer is three hundred and forty-eight thousandths.If you were looking for an answer in cents, as in the original number is actually $0.3480, this is different. The tenths and hundredths place after the decimal are whole cents, so the number becomes 34.8 cents (The 34 has become whole numbers and the 8 has moved into the tenths position). This would be worded as thirty-four and eight tenths cents (or the lazy version, thirty-four point eight cents).

How many points of a diamond is 0075?

If the basis is 100 'points' for a one carat stone, and your number begins with a decimal, then the diamond has .0075 points -- less than one, which would read .0100 points.

How to read ounces on a digital scale?

You read ounces on a digital scale, by reading what is after the decimal point. Any numbers after the decimal point are ounces.

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