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Both decimal numbers are equivalent

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Q: How Compare the decimals 7231.60 and 7231.6?
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How do you compare and order decimals?


How do you compare decimals and percents?

how you compare decimals and percents, is by the signs. a decimal looks like this: 0.0 and a percent looks like this: %

How do you compare fractions without common denominators?

Make them into decimals. Make them into decimals.

How do you compare tow fractions?

change them to decimals

When can we compare decimals in the real world?

Any time we compare decimals, except in out dreams/nightmares! We cannot leave the real world purely for the purpose of comparing decimals and return to the real word when we have done that!

How do you compare fractions or decimals or percents?

you eat pie

How do you compare fractions?

You can either convert fractions to decimals and compare the decimal numbers; find equivalent fractions with the same denominator and then compare numerators or find equivalent fractions with the same numerator and then compare denominators.

How do you compare decimals when the digits to the left of the decimal point are not 0?

You compare the integer parts first.

How do you compare dissimilar fractions compare the numerator?

Two ways: convert them to decimals or convert them to similar fractions and compare the numerators.

How do you compare similar and dissimilar fraction?

Two ways: Convert them to decimals and compare or convert them to equivalent fractions with a common denominator and compare the numerators.

What is the meaning of compare fraction?

To compare fractions is to determine which is larger. You can do this by changing both to the same denominator, or converting them to decimals.

How do you explain a method to compare fractions?

Convert them to decimals and order them least to greatest.

Is 0.108 bigger than 0.118?

Since the integer parts are the same, compare the decimals one at a time until you find corresponding decimals that are different. That is, compare the first digit after the decimal point; if those are equal, compare the second digit after the decimal point, etc.

How do you compare and order rational numbers?

Make sure they are all in the same form. Decimals are easiest to compare. Then list them least to greatest.

How do you find the greatest ratio?

Convert all ratios to percentages or decimals (as you like) and then compare them.

How will you know if it is bigger fraction?

If the denominators are the same then it will have a bigger numerator or change them into decimals and then compare them.

How Compare the decimals 0.27 and 0.72?

0.72 is greater than 0.27

Is two thirds bigger than four ninths?

Yes. Convert the fractions to a common denominator, then you can easily compare. Or convert them to decimals - that's easy with a calculator. That also lets you compare easily.

Why are decimals easier to compare than fractions?

Because decimals are a form you use regularly like with money, but with fractions, its not used all the time such as a decimal is used.

How do you do greatest to least in fractions and decimals?

To compare decimals: look at the highest-order digit and compare. If it is the same, look at the next digit, and so forth. Thus, 23.5 is greater than 11.4 (because the tens digit is greater), 123.88 is greater than 25.82 (because the second number has no hundreds digit, so you can take it to be zero), 115.28 is greater than 113.99 (the first two digits are equal, so you compare the third digit). To compare fractions: use a calculator to convert to decimals, then compare. Alternately, you can convert to a common denominator, then compare the numerators.

How do you order rational and irrational numbers?

Write them as decimals, and compare. If the first digit of two numbers is equal, compare the second digit; if the second digit is equal, compare the third digit, etc.

How do you compare decimals?

By using greater than (x>y) or less than (x<y) signs.

How do you compare fraction into decimals?

divide both fraction numbers by 10 and add them :D, i think :P

Which fraction is bigger 11.15 or 13.20?

For comparing numbers with decimals, first compare the integer part - in this case, 11 and 13. If these are different, there is no need to compare the decimal part.

How would you know when a fraction is greater than another fraction?

You could convert them to like fractions with a common denominator and compare the numerators or you could convert them to decimals and compare them.