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add up the 2 previous ones.

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Q: How Do You Find The Next Term For Fibonaccis Sequence?
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What is formed by multuiplying a term in a sequence by fixed number to find the next term?

what term is formed by multiplying a term in a sequence by a fixed number to find the next term

How do you find the next 50nth term in a sequence?

you must find the pattern of the sequence in order to find the next 50 terms using that pattern and the first part of the sequence given

What is a word for finding the next term in a sequence?

From what I know, it is just called "next term in sequence" For a unknown term, just call it the "nth term".

What is the next term in this sequence 710131619?


What sequence is formed by subtracting each term of a sequence from the next term?

It is the sequence of first differences. If these are all the same (but not 0), then the original sequence is a linear arithmetic sequence. That is, a sequence whose nth term is of the form t(n) = an + b

What is the next term in this sequence ll lV Vl X Xll XlV?

what is the next term i n this sequence ll iV Vl X Xll XlV? XVl

What is a now next equation?

an equation that shows how to calculate the value of the next term in a sequence from the value of the current term

How do you find the 100th term of the sequence?

a + 99d where 'a' is the first term of the sequence and 'd' is the common difference.

What Find the 90th term of the arithmetic sequence 16,21,26?

The 90th term of the arithmetic sequence is 461

How can you figure out the random number sequence?

Well, by definition a "random number sequence" is random; i.e. you cannot find out the next term.However if you're just trying to find the formula for a "number sequence" (not random):1) look at what you have to do to get from one number in the sequence to the next - example the initial difference between the numbers may give a sequence such as "+4, +6, +8, +10", this then gives a sequence of "+2, +2, +2 etc." - this does help to to find out the formula for the sequence.2) write down the "term numbers" (call this "t") above or below the sequance, (i.e. 1st term, 2nd term etc.) and see what you have to do to get from the term number to the sequence number. i.e "3t-1", "t squared minus 3" etc.

What is the sequence of number which the next term is formed by adding the last two terms?

Fibonacci sequence

What is a arithmetic seqence?

A sequence where a particular number is added to or subtracted from any term of the sequence to obtain the next term in the sequence. It is often call arithmetic progression, and therefore often written as A.P. An example would be: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, ... In this sequence 2 is added to each term to obtain the next term.