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sixteen hundredths is written as 0.16 or one tenth and six hundredths.

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Q: How Do you Add 16 hundredths As A Decimal?
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Related questions

What is 16 hundredths as a decimal fraction?

16/10016 hundredths:= 0.16 in decimal= 16/100 in decimal fraction

How do you write 1600 hundredths as a decimal?


What is 5 and 16 hundredths in decimal?


What is 16 hundredths in decimal form?


How do you write 16 hundredths with a decimal?

It is 0.16

Add the decimal number one and fifty hundredths to three and twenty-five hundredths?


What is sixteen hundredths as a decimal?

16/100 = 0.16

What is 16 and 52 hundredths in decimal form?


How do you write fifteen and sixteen hundredths as a decimal?

It is: 15 and 16/100 = 15.16 as a decimal

How do you write sixteen hundredths as a decimal?

.16 the 1 is in the tenths place and the 6 is in the hundredths place. So, it's 16 hundredths.

How would you convert 16 28 hundredths into a decimal?


What is 250 and 16 hundredths s in decimal form?


What is fourteen hundredths as a decimal?

fourteen hundredths as a decimal = 0.14

How do you write nine and sixteen hundredths in decimal form?

9 and 16/100 = 9.16 in decimal form

What is eleven and eight hundredths in decimal?

eleven and eight hundredths in decimal = 11.08

What is 2 and 16 hundredths?

2 and 16/100 = 54/25 as an improper fraction or 2.16 as a decimal

How do you write sixteen thousandths in a decimal?

0.16 = 16 hundredths 0.016 = 16 thousandths

What is twenty one and twenty four hundredths in decimal form?

21.24 Just add (+) the number 24 to the hundredths column.

What is forty-three hundredths as a decimal?

Forty-three hundredths as a decimal = 0.43

How can i use decimal models to add decimals?

You can use decimal models to add decimals by using the hundedths blocks as used in base-ten blocks and add the following decimals you need to and use the hundredths block to shade in the total.

What is the hundredths of 16 percent?

In 16% the 6 would be the Hundredths place. If you remember you can convert percentages into decimals by moving the decimal point two places to the left. So 16% = 1.6 = .16 Now you can see which number lies in the hundredths place and that is 6.

Write eleven hundredths as a decimal?

Eight and eleven hundredths as a decimal

How do you write decimal that it can represents four and sixteen hundredths?

If you mean 4 and 16/100 then it is 4.16 as a decimal

What is 65 hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 65/100 is equal to 0.65.

Why 0.75 is seventy-five hundredths in word form?

That's how numbers go. The first decimal place is tenths, the second is hundredths. 0.75 has 7 tenths, which is 70 hundredths. Add the 5 in the hundredths place and you've got seventy-five hundredths.