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Q: How In which two ways does setting of the night sky develop the theme that one's surroundings can influence one's outlook?
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How do you spell envirment?

ENVIRONMENT - the setting or surroundings, especially the outdoors or natural world

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What is the definition for the word setting?

The surroundings and environment of anything.

What is a setting description?

a setting description is describing the surroundings of the place, such as the trees wildlife nature in general and even anything that they describe.

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it influenses the setting because of the picture

Another word to replace environment?

surroundings, atmosphere, setting, situation, location, background

How can the setting help reveal information about a character?

By showing how a character reacts to or interacts with his or her surroundings

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what is tools

In Icarus and Daedalus how does the setting influence the plot?


How does the setting influence the plot in icarus and daedalus?


What does setting mean?

the place, time, and social context of a storythe surroundings or environmentthe mounting for a jewela complete set of something, such as a setting of fine china