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239 days until October from today (2011-02-04).

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โˆ™ 2011-02-04 11:51:27
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Q: How Many days til October?
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215 days.

How many days til spring 2009?

Not that many days.

How many days is shrimp cocktail good for after being thawed in fridge?

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How many days are there left til Christmas 2011?

There are 368 days til Chirstmas of 2011 if today is December 29 2010.

How many days til July 30 2011?

It is December 29 2010, so there are 214 days til July 30 2011.

How many days til March 22 2011?

There are 82 days til March 22 2011 if today is December 31 2010.

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i have sixteen more days for my birth day

How many days left from 12th March 2010 til 25th July 2010?

Days left from 12th March 2010 til 25th July 2010 are 135 days.

How many days after robin eggs appear til hatch?

12 to 14 days

How many days til spring 2010?

81 days as of 12/30/2009

How many days from jan14 2010 til March 20 2010?

65 days

How many days til June 30 2011?

65-67 days left

How many days are left til august 18th if its July 8th?

41 days

How many more days til April 15 2011?

4 months and 6 days

How many days from 30th September 2010 til 26th March 2011?

177 days.

How many days from November 28 2011 til January 23 2012?

56 days.

How many days are in October?

There are 31 days in October.

How many days til Christmas if it February 15?

313 days in a normal year and 314 days in a leap year.

How many days til ninth November?

Counting today, there are 56 :)

How many days til spring from today?

look on your calender and count

How many days til 28th march 2011?

it is 36 days till the 28th of march 2011

You last got your period August 11th then you didn't get it again til October 8th and now you have had it for 11 days what could this be?

Go to your doctor

How many days in October 2010?

October has always had 31 days.

How many days are in the month of October?

There are 31 days in the month of October.

How many days are in October 2012?

There were 31 days in October 2012.