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If the digit in the hundreds place is 4 or less, zero it and anything to the right of it out. If the digit is 5 or more, increase the thousands by 1 and zero anything to the right of it out.

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Q: How U Round Numbers To The Nearest Thousand?
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What is 999 rounded to the nearest thousand?

999 rounded to the nearest thousand is 1000

Name two different numbers that round to 2.6 when round to the nearest tenth?

It is 2.5 and 2.7 because u have to go between

What is the nearest thousand to 12,502?


How do you round 5087739 to the nearest ten-thousand?

5,090,000 you should really stop cheating on your homework if u want to be smart

How do you round 957 to the nearest hundred?

how do u round the number 957

How do you round 57.3 to the nearest whole number?

How do u round 57.3 to the nearest whole number

Round 3 to the nearest ten Enter your answer in the box below?

If we rounded 3 to the nearest tens, it would be 0. Number 1 Rule: If the number is above 5, round up. 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 If the number is 4 and below, round down. 4, 3, 2, and 1 Since the number is 3, we have to round down to the nearest ten, which is 0.

when you round off 808 to nearest 10 u get your answer as?


What is 583607 rounded to the nearest hundred?

the answer is 583,600 because if u round it u would get that answer lol

how can I write 10,982 if I round to the nearest hundred?

11,000. 982 rounded to the nearest hundred is 1,000 (effectively 10 100's).

which number can u round off 6000 to the nearest thousands?


What is 6321 rounded to the nearest thousand?

It is 6,000 when rounded to the nearest thousand.

How do you Round 222.6 to the nearest tenth?

asshoe u put 24 near the hundreds

How do u round to the nearest ten?

One decimal space, not two...that's hundredth.

How do you round to the nearest foot?

v² = u² + 2as v = 0 u² = -2as Distance is proportional to the square of the velocity. 200 * (100/60)² = 555.56 feet or 556 feet to the nearest foot

How do you round 2236.8 to the nearest ten?


What is 5.43 rounded to the nearest tenths place?

The answer is 5.40 (can also be written as 5.4). Below I have labelled the numbers with their place values. U is Units, th is tenths and hth is hundredths. U th hth 5. 4 3 Rounding with decimals follows the same rules as rounding whole numbers. When rounding to the nearest tenth, you need to look at the hundredths column. If the numbers are 1-4 round down to the nearest tenth. If they are 5-9 round up to the nearest tenth. In this case the number would become 5.40 if the number you was rounding was any of the following- 5.41, 5.42, 5.43, 5.44. It would round to 5.50 if the number was 5.45, 5.46, 5.47, 5.48, 5.49

what is 6811.09 rounded to the nearest ten?

It is 6810 rounded to the nearest ten

How do you round 5.3458 to the nearest hundredth?

if the thousanth place is 5 or above, round up. If it's lower than 5 then u leave it.

What is 7464000.55 rounded to the nearest hundred thousand?

It is 7400000.

How do you round 6.7125cm to the nearest thousandth?

6.713 cm

How do you round 0.21978022 to the nearest hundred?

Well the hundredth is the second number after the decimal point so here you look at the 1 after the 2 and then u see if the number to its right will round it up or down and in this case because it is a 9 u round it up and ull get 0.22

How can estimating with compatible numbers help you find the quotient?

it makes it easier when u round

How do you round 625 to the nearest ten?

Well since it ends with a 5, u usually should round up. So the answer should be 630

what is 21.68 divided by 5 than rounded to the correct 2 decimal places?

when it is divided by 5 it will then equal 4.336 which then you will have to round it to the nearest 2 decimal place which then the answer will be 4.34