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they were not wrong. they were our colony but since Americans hate the British they are characterized as being wrong.

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Q: How Were the British Wrong in Taxing the Americans?
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Why did the americans go to war with the British?

Because the British was taxing the american and they wanted freedom form Britian.

Why did Paul Revere not like the British?

Because the British were taxing things and the Americans didn't want to be ruled by the British any more.

What does the term taxation without representation mean?

The British were taxing the Americans without them OKing it so taxation means taxing and representation means agreement

Why did British taxes cause American colonists to protest?

The Americans were unhappy that the British were taxing them without letting any American be in their Parliament. The Americans thought it was unfair not to have a say in the passing of the tax laws

How have the British people failed the colonists?

By taxing our land, taxing our imported goods and taxing our tea!

Why did Americans go to war with the British?

The Americans went to war with the British because they felt that the British were unfairly taxing them just to pay off their debts, which they were. The famous slogan: "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" means just that. There were no people in the British Parliament to represent the Americans. Besides this, the Americans also wanted freedom as a separate country.

Was the English in the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was basically Americans getting tired of the British taxing them on everything, and then rebelling and defeating the British to gain independence. So, yes. It DEFFINITELY involved the British.

What was the cause of the Boston party?

The americans were mad that the british were taxing them on everything, even tea, and dumped the tea into the boston harbor in protest.

Did the British import taxes help reduce England's war debts when they were first passed?

no, they kept taxing the americans and that is how the americans became angry because of the taxes and they had a revolution war.

What is the impact of the Patrick Henry's Stamp Act speech to historians?

the british kept taxing us the british kept taxing us

Did the British stop taxing the colonist?


Why did the British dislike the Americans?

During the revolutionary war, America was trying to break free of England and king george iii. The reasons for this were due to taxing, the tea party, the big massacure, and many other things. ANSWER The British didn't dislike the Americans, they supported them coming to America. Americans were British. They jsut had a VERY different opinion

Why were the colonist angry about the British tea?

because the british kept taxing tea. thus raising the prices on it ^ closeish, but the real problem the Americans were having was that they were being taxed without elected representation.

Why were the colonist mad with the British?

The British kept on taxing the colonist.

What did the American colonist mean by no taxation without representation without?

They meant that the British would have to have a good reason for taxing the Americans. If there was not a good explanation, then there was reason for taxation.

Why were some of the colonist unhappy with the British?

They were unhappy becase the British kept on taxing the colonist.

Why did the British government start taxing the colonies?

The British became extremely indebted after the Seven Year's War. They then began taxing the colonies heavily to make up their war debts.

How did the british government anger the american colonists?

Taxing them with out representation.

What was the date that the British started taxing tea on the colonies?


Why did the british feel justified in taxing the colonies?

The British felt justified in taxing the colonies because they needed to pay for the Seven Years War. They also used it as a way to assert their sovereignty.

What is one reason why the colonists fought the British?

The British were taxing the colonists without representation in Parliament.

Why did the colonist want independence from the British government?

they hated the taxing and the british government had to much power

Info about the stamp act?

The stamp act is taxing when the British started taxing because they were paying to much money on the French and Indian war. So, they stared taxing newspapers, and marriage licenses.

Why was the town shed act important?

inportant because the british cept taxting and taxing and taxing and they would not stop and every one was important

How did British rule in the colonies fail to fulfill the purpose of government?

the british didnt have the colonists consent to taxing