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Q: How amps equals 1kva?
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What is 1kva?

It is just product of voltage and current at unity powerfactor(UPF) or power at UPF. 1kva is one kilovolt amp or 1000 volts at 1000 amps.

1kva equals how many watts?

1 Watt = Voltage * Ampere * Power factor The Power factor normally is about 0.9 in our homes So, 1kva=1000*0.9= 900 Watts.

What does 0.35897amps equals to in amps?

0.35897 amps = 0.35897 amps.

300kva equals amps?

300kva equals zero amps. Voltage is needed to answer this question.

How many amps in 30 volts?

amps times volts equals watts, volts divided by amps equals resistance.

2857 miliamps equals how many amps?

2.857 AMPS

1 kilo Amps equals how many Amps?


500 milli amps equals how many amps?

500 milliamps equals one half an amp.

One kilo volt amps is equal to how many horse power?

One horsepower (hp) equals 746 Watts (W), regardless of voltage (V). Kilo-Volt-Amps, often expressed as "KVA" is a commonly used unit of power. 1 Watt is defined as 1VA. 1 KVA equals 1000 Watts. 1 HP = 746 Watts = 0.746KVA and therefore 1KVA = 1000W = 1.34hp

2.5 Amps equals how many m amps?

2500 mA

6000 watts is how many amps?

Depends on the input voltage. Watts equals Amps times Volts. Amps equals watts divided by volts. If you have a 120 volt supply, the current (amps) is roughly 50 amps.

How many amps at 12 volts equals 16 amps at 120 volts?

160 amps at 12v.

1.5 amps equals watts?

1.5 amps equals zero watts. Watts are the product of amps times volts. Without a voltage value the question can not be answered.

How many amps does 1200watts use?

amps equals watts divided by voltage

How many amps does a dehumidifier draw?

Divide the wattage by the voltage - this equals amps.

How are volts watts and amps related?

watts equals volts times amps.

How many amps equal a watt?

volts times amps equals watts. <<>> There are zero amps in one watt.

How do you size a transformer based on amperage I have a 1 KVA single phase transformer I was told I can only put 4 amps across the secondary. This transformer is 240 volt primary 120 volt secondary?

On a 1kva you have 1000 watts capacity. To fine the current the formula is I = W/E. The secondary side of the transformer has the capacity of 1000/120 = 8.3 amps. In your question you do not put the amps across the secondary you draw amps from it. Using the transformer to its maximum, without overloading it, the primary will be 4.16 amps at 240 volts and the secondary will be 8.33 at 120 volts. <<>> voltage times amps equals wattage

How many watts equal 1.25 amps?

When the voltage is 1 v, 1.25 amps equals 1.25 watts. When the voltage is 1000 v, 1.25 amps equals 1250 watts.

How many amps equals 2000 milliamps?

2 amps mili means 1,000

How many amps does a 200watt bulb use?

amps equals watts divided by volts.

How many watts equals 6.7 amps?

To get watts you need to multiply your amps by the voltage.

Amps in a 250 watt heat light?

amps equals watts divided by volts.

What is the voltage if R equals 7 ohms and I equals 2 amps?


24 volt equals to how many watt?

Depends on the Amps;- AMPS X VOLTS = WATTS