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a kilometer is a measure of distance, and a hectare is a measure of area. they do not convert.

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Q: How any kilometers in 500000 hectares?
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How many hectares are in 36.5 kilometers?

36.5 (square kilometers) = 3,650 hectares.

How many kilometers in 3.5 hectares?

Kilometers are a unit of length. Hectares are units of space. If your question is really: How many square kilometers in 2.6 hectares, then the answer is: 0.026.

How many hectares are there in 3 square kilometers?

Three square kilometers is 300 hectares.

28000square kilometers is how many hectares?

2,800,000 Hectares

How many kilometers in one hectares?

Impossible. Kilometers measure length. hectares measure area.

What is 16300000 hectares in square kilometers?

16,300,000 hectares = 163,000 km2

Is Australia measured in square kilometers or hectares?

Australia is meaured in hectares

How many hectares are there in 147 km2?

To switch square kilometers over to hectares, you want to duplicate the quantity of square kilometers by 100. For this situation, to figure out the number of hectares that are in 147 km², you would duplicate 147 by 100. 147 km² * 100 = 14,700 hectares Hence, there are 14,700 hectares in 147 km².

How many kilometers in 6.4 hectares?

6.4 hectares is 0.064 square km

How many hectares in 1 kilometers squared?

there are 100 hectares in 1 km squared

How many hectares are n 36 kilometers?

3600 hectares in 36 sq kms.

How many hectares are in 2.5 square km?

2.5 square kilometers is 250 hectares.