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how are arithmetic and geometric sequences similar

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Q: How are arithemetic and geometric sequences similar?
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Arithmetic sequences are to linear functions as geometric sequences are to what?

Exponentail functions

How do you solve geometric sequence and series?

There can be no solution to geometric sequences and series: only to specific questions about them.

How do you solve this word problem about geometric sequences?

Follow this method:

How do arithmetic and geometric sequences compare to continuous functions?

an arithmetic sequeunce does not have the sum to infinty, and a geometric sequence has.

What is the formula for non arithmetic and geometric sequences?

because starwars is awesome

What are some examples of geometric?

There aren't any. Geometric is an adjective and you need a noun to go with it before it is possible to consider answering the question. There are geometric sequences, geometric means, geometric theories, geometric shapes. I cannot guess what your question is about.

How do you work out fraction sequences?

The answer depends on the nature of the sequence: there is no single method which will work for sequences which are arithmetic , geometric, exponential, or recursively defined.

Can geometric sequences be division too?

yes a geometic sequence can be multiplication or division

Chimps and orangutans have similar protein sequences?

Chimpanzee and Orangutan sequences are more than 90% similar. But not exact match.

Pointer arithemetic in C?


What is an arithmetic-geometric mean?

An arithmetic-geometric mean is a mean of two numbers which is the common limit of a pair of sequences, whose terms are defined by taking the arithmetic and geometric means of the previous pair of terms.

Why are DNA sequences more similar in more closely related organisms?

In fact the organisms are closely related because the DNA sequences are more similar. DNA sequences are more different as the organism differs.

What occupations use geometric sequences?

Some of them are demographics, to forecast population growth; physicists and engineers, to work with mathematical functions that include geometric sequences; mathematicians; teachers of mathematics, science, and engineering; and farmers and ranchers, to predict crop growth and corresponding revenue growth.

Arithmetic and geometric sequences?

Find the 3nd term for 7.13.19

Is the Fibonacci sequence geometric?

No, but it can be expressed as the sum of two geometric sequences. F_n = a^n + b^n a = (1+sqrt{5})/2 b = (1-sqrt{5})/2

How do you find the sum of a series of numbers?

There is no simple answer. There are simple formulae for simple sequences such as arithmetic or geometric progressions; there are less simple solutions arising from Taylor or Maclaurin series. But for the majority of sequences there are no solutions.

How is sequences in maths related to other subjects?

A few examples: Counting numbers are an arithmetic sequence. Radioactive decay, (uncontrolled) bacterial growth follow geometric sequences. The Fibonacci sequence is widespread in nature.

Two species have similar DNA sequences it would indicate that they are?

that they are related

What geometric term means same shape different size?


What are different geometric names for same shape?

They are said to be congruent or similar.

How do geometric sequences apply to a bouncing ball?

The ball does not return to its initial height after bouncing. So the height it reaches after the first bounce will be a fraction of the initial height, etc. This is a geometric sequence with common ratio 5/8.

1What is the difference between congruent and similar?

Two congruent geometric figures have the same shape and the same size, whereas two similar geometric figures have the same shape but they differ in size.

What does the word total amount mean in math?

arithemetic mean

If the amino acid sequences of proteins of two organisms are similar why will their DNA also be similar?

DNA codes for RNA which codes for tRNA anticodons that are attached to the amino acid which will make up the polypeptide chain and ultimately the protein. Basically, DNA is the blueprint that will ultimately decide which proteins will be made. Proteins are made up of sequences of amino acids. If two organisms have similar amino acid sequences, that means that they must have similar DNA that told the cells to make those amino acid sequences.

What are 3 Gospels that are alike?

Matthew, Mark and Luke are referred to as the 'synoptic gospels' in that they tell of similar stories and in similar sequences.

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