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Average speed and instantaneous speed are both measurements of the speed of an object. The instantaneous speed measures how fast the object is going at a particular moment, while average speed shows how fast the object was moving in total over time.

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Q: How are average speed and instantaneous speed alike?
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Does the speedometer of a car read average speed or instantaneous speed?

instantaneous speed

Does the speedometer on a vehicle show the average speed or instantaneous speed?

instantaneous speed.

To justify with calculation average speed is equal to instantaneous speed?

Only if speed is constant. There can be no acceleration if the average speed is equal to the instantaneous speed.

Can the average speed ever equal the instantaneous speed?

Yes. In smooth linear motion, the average speed and the instantaneous speed are equal.

Instantaneous speed and average speed?

Instantaneous speed is the actual speed at the present time, and average speed is the total distance divided by the total time.

What is the difference between instantaneous speed and speed?

Instantaneous speed is speed measured at a specific time. Speed is an average.

What is the difference between instantaneous speed and average speed?

Instantaneous speed is the speed at a particular moment in time.The average speed of an object tells you the (average) rate at which it covers distance

Is a car's speedometer show instantaneous speed average speed or velocity?

It shows instantaneous speed.

Does the speedometerof a car read average speed or instantaneous speed?

Speedometers measure instantaneous speed.

How is instantaneous speed different from average?

Average speed is computed for the entire duration of the trip, and instantaneous speed is measured at a particular instant.

Average speed and instantaneous speed?

Instantaneous speed is what you see on your speedometer. Average speed is: how far you drove - divided by - how long it took.

Example of instantaneous speed?

Everything has a value assigned to it called instantaneous speed, it is just impossible to measure instantaneous speed, which is why average speed is used. Instantaneous speed can be calculated or inferred, but not measured using any classical methods.

When can average speed and instantaneous speed be the same?

Average and instantaneous speed are the same when the speed is constant during the time period you're interested in.

Why do you use average speed?

The concept of average speed is somewhat simpler than "instantaneous speed".

How is average speed different from instantaneous speed?

The average speed is the speed that it takes to travel a certain distance in a certain time. Average speed is determined by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken to get there. Instantaneous speed is a certain speed at any given time.

How is constant speed and instantaneous speed alike?

Both are velocity functions. Instantaneous velocity is the derivative of the average velocity * * * * * They are both speed functions. Velocity is a vector related to speed but quite irrelevant in this context. An object rotating at a constant [angular] speed has a velocity that is continuously changing but that has no relevance.

What is the same instantanoeus speed and average speed?

different on constant and instantaneous speed

When average velocity and average speed is equal?

For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

What is the difference between Average Speed and Instantaneous Speed?

Suppose you accelerate in your car from stopped to 50 When you were stopped your instantaneous speed was zero. At the end of the period of acceleration your instantaneous speed was 50 If your rate of acceleration was constant then your average speed was 25

Is the average speed shown on the spedometer?

No. Instantaneous speed is shown on the speedometer.

Is the average of the total speed for an entire trip instantaneous speed?

by jumping

Can instantaneous speed ever be greater than its average speed?


Whats the difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

the instantaneous velocity or speed is the speed a body travels at a particular and average velocity is the total distance an object

Which type of speed is on a speedometer?

It reads instantaneous speed, and tells you nothing about average speed.

Does speedometer of a car read instantaneous speed or average speed?

In a car, the speedometer measured Instantaneous speed. This comes from the assumption that the car does not slow down and speed up fast enough for the speedometer to be able to give an average of the changing speed.