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Try designing a car without one!

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Q: How are circles used in real life?
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How are circles ellipses hyperbolas and parabolas used in real life?

--actually they are used in real life. parabolas are seen in "parabolic microphones" or satellites. and there are others for both ellipses and hyperbolas.

Why circles are important?

Well, in math you solve the perimeter of circles and such, and learn understanding of them to help you with circles in real life.

How is trapezoids and circles used in real life?

circles are used to set bases of cylinders, diameters for barrels, tires, ect... if you CAN'T think of anything else a circle is used for, think HARDER and there is no real use for trapezoids accept in architecture and other design methods. :)

What are real life examples of conic sections circles?

a wheel

Real life example of concentric circles?

ripples formed in water

What are two real life examples of congruent circles?

soccer ball basketball

What is a real life example on circles?

finding the measurement of a port hole on a ship

How are circles used in the real world?

circles are used for the area of pools tables desk or any ferniture.they are also used for making products such as a cutout to look off of.

Are proportions used in real life?

Proportions are used in real life to determine prices of things.

How are opposites and reciprocals used in real life situations?

Believe it or not, school is a real life situation. If you are using it in school it real life for you.

Where trigonometric used in real life?

If you are in school and are studying trig then you are using trig in real life.

An instrucircles used to construct circles and arcs of circles?

A pair of compasses are use to construct circles and arcs of circles