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Cows feet are different from horses feet because a horses foot is solid across and a cows foot has toes or has a split in the middle.

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Q: How are cow's feet and horses' feet different?
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What are a mooses feet?

Moose have hooves, just like cows and horses do.

Do horses have a diastema?

Yes, it is different to a cows as cows have one instead of top fron teeth, horses have them between the incisors and the premolars.

What taste better cows or llamas?

Llamas are different to horses because llamas have thick coats of fur, while horses only have a main on their neck. Llamas spit up to 10 feet, while horses do not spit at all. There are shoes for horses, but not for llamas. They are completely different to horses. Llamas are much more closely related to camels than horses, sharing the Family group of Camelidae

What different kinds of feet do animals have?

Herbivores do not have just ONE kind of foot. For instance many insects are herbivores and they have lots of different kinds of foot. Camels, horses, cows, elephants, geese and ostriches are all herbivores and they all have different kinds of feet.

Do horses have toenails?

NO! They have hard hooves like horses or cows.

Are cows and horses related?

No. Horses are equids and cows are bovids, which means that they are two very different species. However, horses and cattle are related in the fact that they are both mammals and are both herbivores, and both are hooved animals. But that's where the similarities end.

Should horses eat cow salt?

Cows are easily able to lick enough salt from a block to sustain them long term. Horses lack the ability to lick enough salt from a salt block, so most do better with loose salt. However, the ingredient (salt) in a horse salt vs. a cow salt is the same. Mineral blocks and loose mineral is different for cows and horses. Cows and horses have different mineral needs, but their requirement for salt is similar. Yes. Salt blocks are standard for both cows and horses: there really is no discretion as to whether a particular block is better for horses than cows or vice versa.

Do cows and horses have innate and learened behavior?

Yes, cows and horses have innate and learned behavior.

There are 28 horses and 36 cows what equal number of horses and cows should be added in the farm so that the ratio of horses to cows becomes 4 is to 5?

4 of each. Horses: 28 + 4 = 32 Cows: 36 + 4 = 40 Horses: cows = 32 : 40 = 4 x 8 : 5 x 8 = 4 : 5

A farm had 35 cows if the ratio of cows to horses was 7 3 what is thw combined amount of cows and horses?

50 For the purpose of understanding it lets say for every truck with 7 cows in it, there was a truck with 3 horses in it. There were 35 cows, so 5 trucks (35 divided by 7 as 7 cows take up one truck) so 5 trucks each with 3 horses in them. That is 15 horses, and 35 added to 15 = 50

Do cows and horses live on ranges?

Yes. Cows and horses are commonly found on rangelands, especially beef cattle (no, not the "cows" that are in feedlots, but actual beef cows), not so much dairy cattle.

What is a good title for a fiction series about horses?

"Cows are Horses"