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Dice can be thrown in games many different ways. Some games provide a dice cup that allows players to shake the dice and then toss them onto the table.

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Q: How are dice thrown in games?
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What does the phrase no dice mean?

Do you place dice? It is a game of chance. Throwing dice will give you a score. It has consequences.No dice means nothing happens. It has not been thrown. There is no chance at all.

How many ways can you get a sum of 11 when 2 dice are thrown?

There are just two ways to get the value of 11 when dice are thrown. one would be a 5 and 6 and the other is a 6 and 5.

When A pair of fair dice is thrown. What is the probability of that the sum of the numbers on the dice will be odd or greater than 9?

It is 11/18.

Two dices are thrown simultaneously what is the probability that we get an even number on 1 of the dice?

If two dice (not dices!) are thrown then the probability that you get an even number on one die is 27/36 = 3/4

When 2 dice are thrown what is the probability that a total of 9 will not appear?


Do you have more of a chance to roll a six with one die thrown twice or two dice thrown together?

You have more chance with two dice rolled together ! The Probability of throwing a six with one dice is 1/6. The probability of throwing one six with two dice is 2/6 or 1/3. You're twice as likely to score a six if you're throwing two dice.

How high of number dice sets are available?

The highest number on a single "die" from a dice set is six. Therefore, the highest number available that one could roll on a dice set would be 6 multiplied by the number of dice thrown.

What is chuck-a-luck?

A gambling game in which players bet on the possible combinations of three thrown dice.

An ordinary six-sided dice is thrown what is the probability that the score is at least 5?

one in six

What are Dice game?

Dice games are games that use or incorporate a die as their sole or central component, usually as a random device.

Instructions to the dice game?

There no "the" dice game. There are very many games plated with dice and the question will need to be more specific.

What is the probability that two dice are thrown and At least 1 die shows exactly 1?

11 ---- 36

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