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It's a matter of process and how you write it out. In the number sentence 9 x 4 = 36, 9 and 4 are factors of 36. If you write 36 divided by 9 equals 4, 4 is the quotient. Same 4, same relationship to 36, different label.

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Q: How are factors and quotients the same?
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How are dividends and quotients the same?

they both have compare

What is intelligence quotients?

usually the questions of which the answers are in that same question

How would you find other factors of a number when you already have 5?

Divide those 5 into your number. The whole number quotients will also be factors.

How are these terms alike differences sums quotients and products?

Alike is the same as Differences means subtractions Sums means additions Quotients means divisions Products means multiplications

What are quotients of integers?

Quotients are the answers in division problems.

Why is the poduct and the quotient of to nonzer integers have the same sign?

Because that is how products and quotients are defined!

When was Quotients - EP - created?

Quotients - EP - was created on 2009-05-13.

What is 3518divided by 32 in partial quotients?

3518divided by 32 in partial quotients = 109.9375

How are quotients and factors related?

In the sentence 12 divided by 4 equals 3, 3 is the quotient. In the sentence 3 times 4 equals 12, 3 is a factor. Same number, same relationship to the other numbers, different process.

How is estimating quotients different from estimating products?

Normally when estimating quotients you should round both numbers in the same direction whereas for products you should round the two numbers in opposite directions.

How is quotients and factors related?

In the sentence 3 times 6 equals 18, 3 and 6 are factors of 18. In the sentence 18 divided by 6 equals 3, 3 is the quotient. In the sentence 18 divided by 3 equals 6, 6 is the quotient. Same numbers, same relationships, different processes, different words.

What does Partial Quotients mean?

Partial quotients means that it occurs when a divisor doesn't divide evenly into the dividend.

What is 214 divided by 5 equal in partial quotients?

214 divided by 5 equal in partial quotients = 42.8

What is 485 divided by 5 equal in partial quotients?

485 divided by 5 equal in partial quotients = 97

How do you estimate quotients?


How do you do the partial quotients method?


How are quotients and products similar and different?

A quotient is the answer of a division question and the product is the answer of a multiplication question but they are the same because they are both an answer to a math problem.

What is the quotients rule of exponents in Algebra?

when dividing the same variable or constant with exponents, subtract the exponents. EX: x6 / x4 = x2

Do the quotients always have the same number of digits when dividing 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers?


How do you do partial quotients?

815➗ 76

Is sulfur harmless?

In small quotients sulfur is harmless, in fact you need sulphates to live. But sulfur in high quotients can lead to health problem.

Why is the set of factors of a number not the same as the factors of that number?

They ARE the same.

What is the partial-quotients of 3518 divided by 32?


What are the partial quotients of 378 divided by 3?


What is the partial quotients for 5 divided by 630?