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Q: How are forages used by feedlot operations?
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What is the weakness of agriculture?

The high dependency on petroleum and oil, especially with those farms that have to use a lot of machinery to farm crops and even in feedlot operations.

Where was the first feedlot?

According to the related link below (Wikipedia), the first feedlot was created in 1876 south of Chicago by Gustavus Swift. For more information on the feedlot, please see the related link below.

What do feedlot cattle eat?


What rhymes with feedlot?

There are no true or near rhymes of feedlot. According to rhymezone "seed lac" and "sheep rot" are the nearest English words to a rhyme.

What is beef farming?

Raise beef cattle for the purpose of turning those animals into meat. "Beef farm" is a very generic term, as it can refer to beef cow-calf operations or feedlot operations (and everything else in between.)

What are the health risks for those living near a cattle feedlot of about 18000 cows?

There are no more health risks living near a feedlot than living anywhere else in the farming community, except that you might not get used to the smell of the facility when the wind is blowing the smells your way. However, water contamination may be a problem if the feedlot doesn't have good manure management practices, but the water problem in itself is rare.

What types of operations is DMA used to accelerate?

DMA operations

What is a cattle implant?

An implant is a hormonal compound--natural or synthetic--that is used for the purpose of improving growth (in the form of average daily gain [ADG]) and feed efficiency in beef cattle. The feedlot or commercial finishing operations is the sector which tends to use the most implants over all other sectors, including cow-calf and backgrounding.

Is it better to let your livestock graze or be on a feedlot?

As far as sustainability, conservation and herd health is concerned, it is better to let your livestock graze or manage your livestock to graze on pasture than being in a feedlot. However, as far as economics and efficiency is concerned, the feedlot over-rules grass-finishing or grazing.

What has the author Elbert C Dickey written?

Elbert C. Dickey has written: 'Feedlot runoff control research program' -- subject(s): Feedlot runoff 'Conservation Tillage'

How many cows are in a feedlot?

Depends on the age, frame size and weight of these "cows." Most steers and heifers finish at around 1400 lbs.

How could you feed sheep and cattle if they are not kept in a field?

In a feedlot