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they are used for mixed numbers in points

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Q: How are fractions and decimals used in sports?
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How is fractions and decimals used in occupations?

decimals are used for prices like $2.95 fractions can be used for data

Can fractions be added to decimals?

Yes providing you change the fractions into decimals or change the decimals into fractions

Did the Romans use fractions and decimals if not why not?

yes because they thought that fractions were kind of hard so they used decimals

Are millimeter measurements written in fractions or decimals?

Decimals are more commonly used.

What If decimals didn't exist?

Before decimals were invented, people used fractions.

Why are decimals easier to compare than fractions?

Because decimals are a form you use regularly like with money, but with fractions, its not used all the time such as a decimal is used.

How are decimals used in sports?

there used

Decimals and fractions are blank of a whole?

Decimals and fractions are PART of a whole

What is the use of fractions?

Fractions (as well as decimals) are used to work with numbers that are not exact integers.

What numbers do you have to change fractions to decimals?

All numbers can be changed from fractions to decimals.

Are fractions better than decimals?

I Think Decimals Are Better Than Fractions

Why did the Arabs use fractions?

The Arabs wished to express quantities that were not whole numbers. As to why they used fractions as opposed to decimals for this, that was owing to the fact that they had not invented decimals yet.

Can all terminating decimals be written as fractions?

All terminating decimals can be written as fractions.

How do you convert fractions to decimals on a ti 85?

I need help in how to convert fractions to decimals

How is a decimal and fraction related?

They are related because you can comvert decimals into fractions,and fractions into decimals.

What is a positive number with no decimals or fractions?

Whole numbers are positive numbers and there are no fractions or decimals.

What jobs use converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions?

A math teacher or a mathematician.

What is the relationship between fractions and decimals?

Fractions can be converted into decimals and they mean the same thing.

How are fractions and decimals used in engineering?

Fractions and decimals are a major part of mathematics, and mathematics is a major part of engineering. They are used for a huge range of things involved in calculations for almost every part of an engineer's job.

Why are repeating decimals changed to fractions?

There are times when working with fractions is more convenient than working with decimals.

Why is it helpful to convert fractions to decimals or decimals to fractions?

It is important because depending on the problem it is easier to use fractions or decimals. Sometimes the problem is asking for an exact answer, in which case you would keep it in fraction form.

How do accountants use fractions?

Accountants typically convert fractions to decimals. They do this by dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. Decimals are easier to work with in accounting.

How are fractions and decimals used in softball?

Fractions are used to computer batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, and fielding percentage. Decimals are used to easily present this information. All of this plays an important role in recording the statistics of individual players.

When and why do you need decimals?

You need decimals when you measure and fractions. You need decimals, because to measure and fractions. Also, so whole numbers could exist if there are decimals. There will be no math if there's no decimals.

What do decimals separate?

Decimals separate whole numbers from fractions.

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