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Q: How are lengths of timber measured?
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A piece of timber has been cut into two lengths in the ratio of 7 to 2 if the original piece of timber was 828 cm longhow long is the larger of the cut lengths?


What is measured in volume by a hoppus foot?

Timber is measured in hoppus feet.

What is a timber pond?

A timber pond was basically an artificial pond of water for storing cut lengths of timber to prevent them becoming seasoned. Mainly used in ship building.

When using the metric system length can be measured by what?

All lengths are measured in metres.

How much does a tape measure in grams?

A tape measure is used to measure lengths. Lengths, on that scale, are usually measured in millimetres, centimetres, metre, inches, feet or yards. Lengths cannot be measured in grams.

What units are Lens focal lengths are measured in?

Focal length is measured in milimeters (mm) -----------------------------------------------------------------

How do you find the lengths of a rhombus?

A rhombus is a 4 sided quadrilateral whose sides are equal in lengths and can be measured with a ruler.

My length can be measured you have two endpoints?

Our lengths cannot be measured .When two of us meet,we form right angles

Why are lengths measured in linear units?

Because length is one dimension, thus it's measured in linear units.

What are 4 metric units for length?

All lengths are measured in metres.

What is measured in millimeters?

Lengths that are more than 1,000 microns and less than 1 meter are usually measured in millimeters.

What are the two types of measurement in trigonometry?

Angular displacements measured in radians or stradians, lengths of lines measured in units of length.